Combining Two Households

by Amy Shea, Saint Louis Closet Co. Designer

When my husband (then boyfriend) and I started living together, we basically had two of every household item. Two coffee makers, two irons, two ironing boards, and two complete sets of the Harry Potter book series.

We were both in our 30s and had been living on our own for a while. When people ask how we figured out what stayed and what was donated or given up, I like to joke that we just got rid of all of his things and kept all of mine. But in fact, we just needed to get “our” things organized.

Here are a few tips that helped us out.

combining spaces

Measure all the rooms of your home before moving in. Some things like large furniture and ping pong tables will just not have space in the new house. Once you’ve measured, sketch each room and really decide which pieces will go where, what stays, and what goes. Most homes will not have room for two full sets of furniture, two dining room tables, etc.

combining households

Get rid of duplicates and keep the better of each item. Work together to find a style that comprises both of your points of view and incorporates favorite items of each of you.

Take inventory of the closets and storage areas available for shelving, drawers, and hanging. If you have the luxury of getting into your home prior to the actual move day, have your closets professionally designed and installed so when you move in you can put your stuff away without moving it twice. Having custom closets not only will maximize your storage space, but it will also allow you to easily see and access your belongings.

Respect each other’s family heirlooms and sentimental items. We all know your better half will have things you don’t like, but now that your closets are organized, there’s a place for everything!

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