Closets for a Cause – KidSmart

Closets for a Cause is continuing with Saint Louis Closet Co.’s plans to donate a percentage of gross sales from August to KidSmart! We’re looking forward to assisting the organization by equipping numerous students with the school supplies they need during this time.


Who is KidSmart?

KidSmart is the champion of hopes and dreams for more than 10,000 students who live in poverty and attend high-poverty schools in the St. Louis region. They believe that every child, regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic background, deserves daily access to the most critical tools needed to empower learning and success in school.

What Does KidSmart Do?

This local, non-for-profit organization distributes millions of free school supplies and educational resources to St. Louis-area students. Since opening in 2002, KidSmart has placed $60 million in free school supplies directly into the hands of 200,000 local students in need. The free supplies are distributed throughout each school year to students in 161 local schools and 4,000 classrooms in high poverty neighborhoods.

Distribution occurs in three effective and efficient ways:

  • KidSmart Free Educational Supply Store (coming soon)
  • KidSmart On the Go! mobile delivery program
  • KidSmart Pop-Up Shop shopping events


How Will Our Donation Help?

KidSmart relies on the generosity of the community, as the organization delivers a powerful 5x ROI and 94% of every gift goes directly back to the mission and programs. The organization has always operated with a small staff and relied on an army of volunteers, including thousands of teachers. With St. Louis Closet Co.’s generous gift, they can equip numerous students with the supplies they need during this time.

Why School Supplies?

School supplies are critical educational resources for children in impoverished communities. Before KidSmart, students in nearly 4,000 “KidSmart classrooms” in the St. Louis area had to try to learn and succeed in school without tools as essential yet basic, as pencils, paper, folders, books, markers, rulers, scissors, and glue. Studies report that physical school supplies are highly important to the developing mind and promote the use of motor development, which in turn increases cognitive development.



Want to learn more about Closets for a Cause? We’re selecting a new charity each month to help make a difference in our community. Follow us on social media @stlouisclosetco and sign up for our newsletter.

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