Closets for a Cause – DEAF, Inc.

It’s November! And with a new month, comes a new charity to benefit from Closets for a Cause. Before the big reveal, however, we’d like to share an update on our current running total. Since February 2020, Saint Louis Closet Co. has donated $21,760.21! We couldn’t have done it without so many of our supportive customers who have made an effort to update their homes and give back to some amazing organizations.

As for this month’s recipient, we’ve chosen DEAF, Inc.!

DEAF, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Deaf Empowerment Awareness Foundation (DEAF), Inc. offers American Sign Language interpreting and community-based services. Their primary focus is ensuring that all persons with hearing loss have equal access to information that is available to their peers without language barriers or disabilities. Locally, they serve 500 clients and customers each year.

Saint Louis Closet Co.’s Impact

Funds raised from a percentage of Saint Louis Closet Co.’s November sales will go to supporting the nonprofit’s “Breakfast with Signing Santa” event in December. This will offer their network an opportunity to have breakfast with Santa Claus, who is also deaf and uses sign language to communicate.

Sarah Prechtel, Executive Director of DEAF, Inc.

“DEAF, Inc. is thrilled to partner with another local organization, Saint Louis Closet Co. It is through local partnerships like this that DEAF, Inc. is able to continue promoting awareness of issues and solutions related to deaf, hard-of-hearing, and access to communication. There are things we can do that you may not be able to, and there are things you can do that we may not be able to. Together, we can do great things to enrich the lives of the 300,000 children and adults with hearing loss in St. Louis.”

Pink Wings of Hope

While “Breakfast with Signing Santa” will be a huge hit for the younger kids, DEAF, Inc. serves children and adults of all ages. Another program they are incredibly proud of is Pink Wings of Hope. This offers direct support services, as well as care packages, for deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals who are currently experiencing cancer and going through treatment (or are recent survivors).  

Want to learn more about Closets for a Cause? We’re selecting a new charity each month to help make a difference in our community. Follow us on social media @stlouisclosetco and sign up for our newsletter.

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