Carol Daniel Raves About SLCC


Here’s what KMOX’s Carol Daniel had to say about her experience with Saint Louis Closet Co.:

A dream come true is the only way to describe my experience with the Saint Louis Closet Company.   My husband and I both wondered what the SLCC designers could do with our master closet and our pantry.  Both spaces were too small, or so we thought.  But after only a few minutes, a few measurements and a few questions, a free design was created right at our breakfast table.  We were also able to select the wood styles and handle designs at that time.  I don’t know what I thought the process would include but I had no idea it would be so easy, so smooth and so fulfilling!   A two-man SLCC installation team came in and within a few hours they transformed our master closet from cramped chaos to airy elegance and our pantry from, “Please keep that door closed,” to ”Would you like to see my pantry?”

We couldn’t be happier with the result.  The interesting thing is after that experience, our other organization plans were jumped started and now we are working to create an office space that will better support my husband’s landscaping business, my writing projects and our sons homework!  Because of Jennifer and her crew at the Saint Louis Closet Company, we now finally have “A Place For Everything.”

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