Saint Louis Closet Co. Toys for Tots Kick Off Breakfast

Toys for Tots Kick off Breakfast, Wednesday November 14, from 8am – 10am

Toys for Tots

Come by Saint Louis Closet Co.’s showroom in Maplewood to see The Big 550 KTRS McGraw Milhaven and Kelly Jackson broadcast their show live and help us kick off our Toys for Tots Drive!

The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens.

The objectives of Toys for Tots are to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable resources – our children; to unite all members of local communities in a common cause for three months each year during the annual toy collection and distribution campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the future.

We will have coffee, hot chocolate and bagels for all those who stop by.

Don’t forget to bring a new, unwrapped, toy to donate to Toys for Tots!


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Saint Louis Closet Co. Refreshes our Look!

Time for a facelift!  At Saint Louis Closet Co. we are always trying to stay ahead of the curve with new colors, updated accessories, and the latest and greatest of manufacturing and installation techniques!  But we don’t stop there. We are also staying ahead of design trends with our print and social media.

Check out our newest “Thinking Outside the Closet” Brochure … headed to the presses tomorrow!

In addition to new photography and new print materials, we decided to revive our original colors of Red, White, and Slate to represent a cleaner and fresher look.  Out with the cream and burnt red and in with crisp Red and White!  Look at the transition…

Photography and a Fabulous Showroom is what sets our business ahead of the rest!  Custom Closets and organizational units are best visualized by our clients with amazing photography and a Showroom that is special!  Our showroom, located at 2626 S. Big Bend Blvd., has just gone through an 8 month overhaul of all new displays, new paint colors, and new lighting.  Once that was complete, we hired none but the very best photographer in St. Louis, Linda Mueller, to bring our displays to life for our customers.

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Saint Louis Closet Co. Spring Clean-up!

Spring is the perfect time to get organized, and Saint Louis Closet Co.’s Spring Special is just in time to help you with your projects.  From Master Walk-in Closets to Pantries and Murphy Beds, Saint Louis Closet Co. can create more space in your home.

Along with the new season – and with summer right around the corner! – it is once again time to reorganize the spaces in your home. If you have a Saint Louis Closet Co. system, this would be the time to re-adjust your shelves to be able to comfortably store your growing children’s clothing and shoe inventory.

With summer coming, shoes and accessories are one thing that are going to require reorganization for this season; for example, switching out your kids’ snow boots and scarves for their flip flops and pool towels. Our 100% adjustable systems give you more room for doing just that. Just add, remove, or adjust a shelf to make room.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve told my kids to stop throwing their backpacks and jackets on the closest piece of furniture the second they walk in the house after school or soccer practice. The solution we have found at our home is lockers and cubbies for our mudroom, so that every time my kids walk in the door, the closest piece of furniture is a cubby and hook especially designed for their belongings. This also works wonders for sports equipment and sports bags.

Teachers can even find some organization for their classrooms this school year. Getting all the pencils, markers, glue, blank paper, books, construction paper, scissors, and miscellaneous supplies organized will make the school year go just that much smoother.

Saint Louis Closet Co. designs every type of system to meet everyone’s organizational needs, and that includes classroom supply closets, mail centers, storage rooms, lockers and even kid’s home desks.

Call 314-781-9000 today to schedule your free in-home consultation.


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Let Saint Louis Closet Co. Organize Your Loft or Condo!

Yes that’s right, Saint Louis Closet Co. has moved into the loft and condo organization business. As more and more of our customers make the move to the city and downsize, we realize how important it is to provide services specifically designed for their changing needs.

Organization is a must in loft-style residences. While the big, open, “wall-less” space is what attracts people to the loft district, it also poses a challenge for closet and storage issues.

Many lofts don’t even have closets, so customizing wardrobe units is a must! Also, converting second bedrooms to home offices and providing extra sleeping spaces have been a big demand from new condo and loft owners.

Wardrobe units are the perfect storage solution, providing hanging rods, shelving, and drawer space on open walls while concealing clothes at the same time.

Murphy Beds in a home office can really open up a second bedroom or guest room. Our Murphy Beds are available in comfy queen size and are offered in ten different finishes to match any décor (traditional or contemporary).

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home estimates to accommodate everyone’s needs. Visit Saint Louis Closet Co. online at

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Saint Louis Closet Co. Laundry Rooms!

The laundry room may be the most overworked and underappreciated room in your house. Very few homes have laundry rooms efficiently equipped for the task of doing laundry from start to finish. Laundry, like many things, is done in a processes: retrieval, sorting, loading into washer and dryer, removal, folding, and putting away. Ill-equipped rooms do not provide space for sorting and folding, so those jobs end up being done in other parts of the house, and the chances of the steps being finished completely, are minimal.

Saint Louis Closet Company has a solution for every stage of the laundry process. We can help you design units utilizing our chrome baskets for pre-sorted laundry, telescoping rods for pulling things out of the dryer to hang or for items waiting to be ironed. You won’t have to use your bed or kitchen table to fold laundry anymore if you have a convenient folding counter in your laundry room.

Laundry rooms often become the catchall for miscellaneous odds and ends. We have ways to store and hide it all. We can design locker units for families to store all kinds of necessities, like backpacks, coats, hats and more. Cleaning products can be stored privately behind cabinet doors, and broom and mop hooks are a great way to hold longer items.

The days of laundry rooms being located only in basements are gone. Laundry rooms can be found everywhere in the home, including off the kitchen (mudroom), on the 2nd floor, and in Master bathrooms. Designing your laundry room for efficiency and style is a smart choice with our laminate wood finishes in a variety of colors, and rods available in chrome or brass.

January is National GO (Get Organized) Month, so start off your new year with a more efficient laundry room and make getting laundry done easier for everyone.

Please come check out our closet factory and showroom in Maplewood, MO. Saint Louis Closet Company is the ideal choice for all of your laundry needs. Please call us for your free estimate, (314)781-9000.

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Pleasing Pantries!

Cooking up Something Super for your Pantry

Second to the Master closet, pantries are on the top of homeowners’ lists to organize with customized shelving and accessories; this is no surprise since the kitchen is often considered “the heart of the home.”

Where does everyone wind up at a party?– in the kitchen. According to Closets Magazine, when touring model homes, visitors spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in the home.

Saint Louis Closet Co. has noticed that with the influx of purchasing in bulk from large box stores, there is more and more focus on storage of foods, paper goods, and even excess dishes and appliances. Saint Louis Closet Co. custom closets can truly make a difference in your pantry.

Maximizing your kitchen pantry with corner shelving, platter dividers, and adjustable shelving for the varied size items stored in pantries can make overall kitchen storage simpler. Chrome pull-out wine racks store wine bottles at a 15-degree angle to ensure corks remain moist in storage. Pull-out chrome baskets in various sizes are perfect for paper goods, chips, and recycling. And don’t forget tray shelves and basket-rimmed shelves for canned goods and small boxes.

Once you realize there’s a place for everything in your Saint Louis Closet Co. pantry, then everything will be in its proper place in your kitchen!

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home design consultations for all areas of your home. Call (314) 781-9000 or visit us online at

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National Get Organized Month!

January is National Get Organized Month! There’s nothing like starting in the Master Closet with a 2-toned, fully adjustable, Saint Louis Closet Co. floor-based closet system with glass doors and drawers. Add a mirror and vanity shelf to turn your closet into your private dressing room. Call one of our designers today!



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Textured Legno Espresso – Thermo Fused Laminates

At Saint Louis Closet Co. we are always keeping up with the most recent trends in decorating to provide our customers with the latest and greatest colors, options, and accessories.

With the demand for Italian inspired wood grains, we have added 2 new colors to our selection: Textured Legno Espresso and Textured Legno Slate. Both these colors add warmth and depth to any closet or room. The textured laminate gives you the feel and look of real wood!

In addition to our new colors, 2-toned closets are hitting the streets of St. Louis like wildfire! Not only can you have one color panels and shelves with different colored doors and drawers, you can also select any color laminate and have it edged in a different color to add contrast and interest.

Call St. Louis Closet Co. today at 314-781-9000 for questions or to schedule your free in-home estimate.

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Custom Closets for Kids

“Clean Up Your Room!”

The most frequently used phrase in a parent’s day is “clean up your room.”

The most frequently used phrase in a kid’s day is “I don’t know where to put everything.”

Saint Louis Closet Co. designed a solution for this ongoing problem and has developed a Closets 4 Kids department. This department takes kids of all ages, along with all their stuff, and creates organized spaces for everything.

“Kids stuff is specific,” says Jennifer Q. Williams, President of Saint Louis Closet Co. “It requires special designs, accessories, and care. Babies clothes are very small, but their toys, books, and necessities are very large—such as diapers, blankets, floor mats and even diaper genie refills. Toddlers have toys, toys, toys! And don’t forget your teens with their sports equipment and the ‘cool clothes everyone else is wearing.'”

Due to the changing needs of kids and their stuff, Saint Louis Closet Co. designs, manufactures, and installs closet systems that are 100% adjustable. Specially designed accessories such as telescoping rods, baskets, and drawer dividers all help babies, toddlers, and teens “clean up their room.”

Full adjustability and safety are also a big part of the Closet 4 Kids department. Every Saint Louis Closet Co. system is “floor-based,” meaning the system actually sits on the floor—just like furniture. Because the weight of the closet is on the floor, there is no chance of the system falling or pulling away from the wall.

In addition to the safety aspect of a floor-based system, the adjustability is 100%! The vertical panels all rest on the floor, so the customer can have shelves on the bottom or the top. This adjustability also makes updating a child’s closet a breeze.

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home estimates and can help with all organizational projects in the home. Call (314) 781-9000 or visit

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