Beyond Books: Saint Louis Closet Co. Designs Shelving Units for Entertainment Centers, Mementos, and More

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we design everything with both functionality and style in mind. We believe in the power of education, evidenced by the number of educational organizations we support, and we’re a team of big readers. So, there’s nothing we love more than designing a great-looking bookshelf that can be adjusted as your kids grow and their tastes change. 

A Space for Whatever Your Family’s Into

For many of us, books have given way to videos, music, and games. In some homes, shelving is used primarily to show off mementos. Whether you need organized spaces for your collection of vintage cameras or your son’s wide array of superhero figurines, our designers can help. 

We take your likes, dislikes, and unique needs into consideration as we create a beautiful addition to your home. Let us help you hide those wires and showcase the things you love. Our customized entertainment centers and bookshelves will keep you and your kids’ stuff neat and tidy. 

We’re Proud to Show Off a Shelving Installation at Kirkwood High School

Saint Louis Closet Co. had the opportunity to help out Jennifer Williams’ alma mater Class of ‘84) by designing a custom shelving solution for their school store. This was a fun project in terms of material and color. We balanced out a standard shelving unit with chrome baskets, bright red cabinet doors, and a display wall. Take a look! 

Tips for Dressing Up a Bookshelf

We like to give our clients great ideas for functional decor. That’s why, when you walk into our showroom, you’ll see examples of closets, entertainment units, craft centers and more, to inspire you as you imagine your own updated space. When it comes to dressing up a bookshelf, we can offer the following tips: 


  • Think Scale and Balance 


Try to have a collection of both large and small items, and space them evenly across your bookshelves. Mix books with decorative items, pictures, or plants. Remember that books don’t always have to be stored standing up. Place a few horizontally with a small memento on top. 


  • Be Choosy! Only Include the Things You Love


We’re taking a page from Marie Kondo’s book, here. We recommend that you only display books you use often and items you truly love. This can help you reduce clutter and better showcase who you are. 


  • Build from the Bottom Up


Large books and heavier decorative items should be stored at the bottom, to give your unit a “foundation.” As you work your way up, you can include more delicate pieces. Cabinets at the bottom of your unit are great ways to provide this foundation and give you a place to hide TV cords and wires. 


  • Consider Color and Style 


Select items that go with the style of the room. Try not to over-accessorize, but do add pieces like collectibles that will add a little personality to your stacks of books and DVDs. Colors on your shelving unit should compliment each other and the larger color scheme of the room. Also: grouping things by color or other “like” objects can add great visual appeal to your shelving unit. 


  • Don’t Give Up Storage Space


Adding baskets or cabinets to a unit will help you keep that vital storage space while also making a shelving unit aesthetically pleasing. 

Don’t Forget: Reading Regularly Supports a Healthier Brain

We don’t want to forget about a bookshelf’s original purpose: giving readers a space for their favorite volumes and tomes! We know that reading to kids, and encouraging them to continue the habit of reading as they grow, is vital to a well-rounded education. This month, as we celebrate “National Read a Book Day,” we’re reminded of the countless benefits of reading. 

Reading not only improves memory and aids in focus and concentration, it also reduces stress. And it’s not just for kids! Older adults who read regularly show a slower cognitive decline. Just look at a few of the benefits researchers have discovered: 

  • Readers score higher on IQ tests and have better employment prospects than non-readers. 
  • Practicing reading and language-acquisition skills foster healthy brain function.
  • Reading fiction has been shown to help children learn empathy and gain emotional intelligence.

We think of books as an inexpensive educational tool that can open worlds for you and benefit your health in ways you never imagined.


Depend on Saint Louis Closet Co. to Design a Beautiful Shelving Unit for Your Home or Business

Our custom bookcases enhance your home decor with quality that will last a lifetime. Plus, they give you a delightful space to house and organize your favorite things. 

Would you like to learn more about what we can build for you home or business? Contact a designer today, and we’ll manufacture a custom shelving unit just for you.


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