What is the Best Way to Store a lot of Shoes?

Best Shoe Storage-How To Store A lot of Shoes

Shoes come in many different shapes and sizes. Storing them around your home can be challenging at times, especially if you don’t have an organizational system. Whether it’s shoe racks, adjustable shelving organizers, or a shoe cabinet with doors, you should have something put in place that will help you keep your shoe collection under control. Keep reading to find out how to store your shoes around your home!

Take Inventory

Before you decide which organizational method works best for you, you need to go through all your shoes. Toss out any pairs you don’t wear anymore or are too worn and torn. You can also take this chance to sort your shoes by season. You don’t need winter boots taking up valuable space in the middle of April. Put those babies into storage until it’s time to break them out again.

Now, count how many pairs you have. This will tell you what type and how many organizers you may need.

Select The Right Organizers

Most people find that a combination of shoe organizers works best. Whether you have a large closet with ample floor space or need to make the most out of an entryway, there are solutions for everyone.

To pick which shoe organizer is best for you, you should look at your space and type of shoes. Key shoe-holding areas include entryways, bedrooms, and closets.

Organizing Your Shoes in Your Hallways

It’s simple just to dump your shoes at the door. You don’t want to track the outside throughout your home. However, leaving your shoes out in the open without any organizational methods doesn’t make for a great first impression. Some organizational techniques include:

  • Baskets and bins – try wicker baskets, cute bins, or cubbies. You can even assign them to different family members to keep everything in order.
  • Mudroom/Locker systems – Many people ask, “How much space do you need for shoe storage?” The answer is simple, “As much as possible!” By adding a mudroom or locker system in you hallway you can hide the messy and muddy shoes, you can organize your shoes in drawers, bins, and adjustable shelves.
  • Display case – if you have more shoes than what some baskets can hold, try repurposing a display case. This is an excellent option for shoes you wear every day but still want to keep in pristine condition. You can use a tall, thin cabinet as s shoe caddy. Opt for glass cabinet doors if you’re looking to show off your kicks.
  • Adjustable shoe shelves – if there is a small nook in your entryway, you can install shelving to create a shoe rack that’s stylish and serves a purpose.

How to Organize Your Shoes for the Bedroom

Everyone sleeps better in a tidy room. It’s best to have a place to put everything you own. Bedroom shoe organization can include:

  • Behind-the-door storage – you can use a hanging shoe organizer for everyday pairs of shoes. These shoe racks come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be made from plastic or wire racks. The best part is you can place these shoe racks on your bedroom or closet door.
  • Double duty furniture – place a stylish trunk at the end of your bed, which can discreetly hide a variety of shoes. You can also achieve the same effect with hollowed-out ottomans and coffee tables. There are many functional furniture pieces out there.

What Is the Best Way to Store Your Shoes in the Closet?

There are many different options for organizing your shoes in your closet, especially if you custom design your closet to specifically hold all your shoes. Various storage options include:

  • Stackable shoe bins – these bins are great for shoes you don’t wear all the time. It will keep them protected from dust and other contaminants. You can even get clear bins to see which pair is which.
  • Adjustable shelves – by having a company customize some shelving in your closet, you’ll guarantee that your shoes will all fit. Make sure your shelving is high quality to stand the test of time.
  • Slanted shoe shelves – a one-inch lip on the front of these shelves will keep everything in its place while providing a view of all your pairs. At Saint Louis Closet Co., we can make the shelves up to 36-inches wide and at any depth.
  • Slanted shoe shelves with chrome rails – these shoe shelves are complete with sleek, chrome railing. They will keep your shoes in place while providing a high-end and convenient look. Any custom closet will not be complete without these shelves.

Organize Your Shoes with Saint Louis Closet Co.

Are you in need of a custom closet fit for any shoe collection? Saint Louis Closet Co. can make the most out of any space! We can customize anything and everything to fit your specific needs. Visit our Maplewood showroom today or contact us to schedule a free consult.

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