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Get Garden-Ready with an Organized Garage

If you’re like most of us in the midwest, you’re well into lawnmower season. Every weekend, the low, steady hum of lawnmowers punctuates the steamy summer air, the smell of crisp-cut grass fills your nostrils … and the clutter in your garage makes you want to tear your hair out. 

If you have to step over half a dozen things before you can dig out your lawnmower or find your gardening tools, it may be time for a garage overhaul. After all, your garage is one of the most active areas in your home! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a designated area for your tools, your kids’ sports equipment, and anything else you need at hand? 

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we can help by offering storage solutions and a few tips for organizing your garage. 

7 Tips for Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage 

1. Take Your Time and Make a Plan

If you decide to clean and organize your garage over the summer, be aware that it will take some time. Don’t assume this is a two or three hour task: you’re likely to get frustrated. Give yourself a couple of days for this job. Divide the job up into reasonable segments, assign tasks to your family members, and take plenty of breaks. 

2. Clear Everything out First 

You’ll want to get a good look at the space in your garage and what you’re working with. You’ll also want to clean the floor – maybe even paint it as well – before you move your belongings back in. So, it’s worth it to get everything cleared out. You may be surprised at how much space you really have! 

3. Take an Inventory and Donate Things You No Longer Need 

Divide your belongings into “keep,” “throw away,” and “donate.” If you have tools that are simply in need of repair, put them aside, too. The more junk you can clear out, the easier it will be to organize the things you truly need. Once you’ve cut down, group like belongings together and make a plan for storing them.

4. Create Stations in Your Garage for Easier Access

Think about how often you use certain items and where you can keep them so that they’re easy to get to. Make sure you do this in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle! For example, you’ll want to keep your lawn care supplies in one place and your automobile care supplies in another. It helps to group similar items together. And don’t forget to label bins so smaller items are easier to find! 

Take a look at the way this client set up a potting station: 

5. Maximize Wall Space with Shelving Units.

Why stack everything on the floor when there’s plenty of wall space you can put to use! From pull-out baskets for sports equipment to cabinets that can hold your holiday decorations, Saint Louis Closet Co. has solutions that adjust to meet your needs. 

6. Get Your Kids in the Habit of Putting Things in Their Assigned Places. 

Got kids? Make sure there’s a place for them to store bikes, sporting equipment, and toys. Get them into the habit of organization early! If they know that there’s a place for everything, they’re a little less likely to leave their bicycle in the driveway.

7. Prepare for the Unexpected. 

Sometimes garages flood. Your car’s oil leaks. Your spouse runs over an item that was left on the floor. Or you need an emergency kit that you just can’t find. Consider propping your tools and other belongings up so that they aren’t damaged. And be sure to store must-have or emergency items close to the door and within reach.

Elevated feet for your garage and basement shelving can keep the units off the floor in case of moisture and help keep debris to a minimum.


An organized custom garage can help to make your day run a little more smoothly and keep everything from gardening tools to sports equipment neat and tidy. With a place for everything, and everything in its place, your garage can add valuable storage to your home. 

Would You Love an Organized Garage This Summer? Our Designers are Here for You! 

Saint Louis Closet Co. can maximize your garage space with unique storage solutions, vertical storage options, and raised locker cabinets to help create an organized garage for your family. Manufactured in our facility right here in Saint Louis, you can be sure that all of our custom garage storage options are built to last.

Would you like to learn more about what Saint Louis Closet Co. can do for your garage? Schedule a free consultation and design with one of our top designers today. Or look at some of the garage projects that we have completed for our happy customers. 



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5 Kitchen Organization Tips for Easier Mealtimes

Does the clutter in your kitchen pantry frustrate you and slow down mealtime? 

It’s not easy to keep things in their place, especially when kids or spouses are always in and out. Before long, you may find yourself digging through pantry shelves for dinner ideas, and wasting several minutes every time you cook. 

Wouldn’t you like to make meal prep easier? 

Your pantry doesn’t have to be a cluttered nightmare! Our tips below can help you make your pantry an organized, accessible space. Best of all, once you organize your pantry, cooking for the whole family gets a little more enjoyable.

(1) Keep Your Must-Have Items Easily Accessible 

Do your kids go through granola bars or juice boxes in a flash? Do you regularly pick up cases of bottled water because they run out so quickly? We know how you feel, and how important it is to stock your family’s favorite foods. 

Keep the things you grab regularly within sight and close at hand. We suggest pull-out basket-rimmed shelves you can clearly see into. For example: 

(2) Label and Organize Cans and Spices 

If you don’t have an organized pantry and spice rack, you may find yourself spending precious minutes searching for the garlic salt or digging around for that can of green beans. While a minor inconvenience, it can add to both your cooking time and stress level. That’s why we recommend taking the time to label and organize your spices, and to store your canned goods so that they’re easily accessible. 

Here’s a way we helped one of our clients do just that. 

(3) Use Vertical as well as Horizontal Space 

Not all of your storage space needs to be horizontal. Spaces with vertical dividers are perfect for items you can store upright, like pans or cutting boards. Even cookbooks can be stored this way for easy access. Keeping these things stored neatly will not only save space but also time. When you have everything within reach, it’s easy to check a recipe or prepare a sheet pan dinner. 

(4) Use Hanging Rods for Dish Towels 

Why stuff dish towels in a drawer when you can hang them for better drying and more convenient storage. Adding a pull-out towel rod to a space in your pantry allows you to hang damp towels, aprons, or dinner napkins. This solution frees up drawer space and keeps dish towels dry and within reach.


(5) Use Labeled Canisters and Bins Instead of Bulky Packaging

You can make better use of the space in your pantry by using labeled canisters and bins, and ditching the cardboard or plastic packaging. Pro tip: be sure to keep any cooking instructions you might need later! 

We love the way this client used her label maker to make her personal pantry bins easy to identify and access on our adjustable shelves. Her sense of style is evident, too! 

Let Saint Louis Closet Co. Design a Perfectly Organized Pantry for Your Busy Family

We can help you maximize the space in your kitchen pantry and make overall kitchen storage simpler with adjustable shelving, pull-out wine racks and more. Whether you need quick access to childrens’ snacks, sophisticated storage for heirloom china, or just a way to better organize spices for the novice chef in your family, we can come up with a solution that fits. Plus, we offer free in-home design consultations. Give us a call today at (314) 781-9000. 


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Bring Style, Organization, and Little More Peace to Your Bedroom with Custom Shelving

Let us know if you’ve used any of these phrases as you get ready for work in the morning:

“There’s not enough room in here! I can never find anything! I need more space.”

“Honey, can’t you keep your clothes in the guest bedroom?”

Your bedroom should be your happy place, your sanctuary, your peace. Too often, however, it’s the room in your house that fills up with clutter. For older homes with limited closet space, or for an unorganized master closet you share with your spouse, a little clutter can cause a lot of stress.

If you’re tired of arguing with your better half or digging through a messy closet to find your shoes, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Home Builders, homeowners regularly complain that their master bedroom closet doesn’t offer enough storage space. It’s no wonder, then, that his-and-her closet spaces are becoming a top remodeling trend.

Saint Louis Closet Co. Provides Custom Shelving Solutions for Any Space

Saint Louis Closet Co. organized closet systems can do more than just help – they can actually double your space. By double-hanging separates,  building additional shelving above long hanging pieces, and adding adjustable shelving to the floor for shoes, sweaters, and folded items, a custom closet can add some real estate to your existing space and simplify your life.

Don’t have a closet at all? Some older, classic homes don’t! But you can still make the most out of a small bedroom with a custom wardrobe unit designed to fit seamlessly into the space you do have. With clean lines and a mix of drawers, closing doors, and shelving, our wardrobe units can provide the organization you need in a charming, stylish way. Just take a look at this recent Saint Louis Closet Co. creation:

Don’t Compete with Your Spouse for Space! Instead, Put Everything in its Place

Squeezing the combined stuff of two people into one small space is always a challenge, but a custom shelving system can provide the solution.

You don’t need a Marie Kondo-like guru to make organization happen. You just need to provide a place for every item, both his and hers. Check out this before and after to see what we mean:

We Help You Design a Closet You’ll Love to Show Off

In addition to giving you more space and functionality, a Saint Louis Closet Co. custom closet can become your showpiece. We dress up our closet systems with crown molding, raised panel doors, and drawer fronts. With luxe details like velvet-lined jewelry drawers and beveled mirrors, we make your master closet a place to show off, not hide. Here are just two examples of the work we can do: 

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we design closet and shelving solutions that suit your busy lifestyle. Call one of our designers at (314) 781-9000 or visit our showroom to learn more about what we can do to make your home a less stressful, more organized place.


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5 Summer Storage Ideas for Families

It’s summer. The kids are out of school and underfoot. Unfortunately, so are their toys, swimsuits, sports gear, craft projects, and everything else. Plus, there’s that pile of winter clothes that haven’t been put away yet.

It’s time to get organized.

Every home needs a place for kids’ items, the backpack or bicycle helmet or pair of shoes that always ends up in an untidy pile by the door. At Saint Louis Closet Co., we’ve got a few solutions that help reduce the clutter and give you back your sanity.

Reclaim Space in Your Home with these 5 Storage Ideas

(1) Lockers for Kids

Lockers aren’t just for high school. If you can get your kids in the habit of keeping backpacks and jackets in a specified location, they’ll learn organization, a skill that will certainly help them down the road.

As one of our clients said, “I cannot count the number of times that I have told my kids to stop throwing their backpacks and jackets on the closest piece of furniture the second they walk in the house. The solution for our family is lockers and cubbies in our mudroom, so that every time my kids walk in the door, the closest piece of furniture is a cubby and hook specifically designed for their belongings. This also works wonders for sports equipment and sports bags.”

If you have a convenient space by the door, or in a laundry room or playroom, consider adding lockers or cubbies. Install them now, and you’ll thank yourself when school comes around. Available options at Saint Louis Closet Co. include benches, baskets, rotating locker hooks, shelves, and more.

(2) See-Through Storage

Many of us have a toy box or storage box for our kids. How often, though, does that space become a catch-all for everything from shoes to legos? A better solution is see-through storage. With chrome pull-out baskets, adjustable shelving, and clear glass doors, you can keep items like art and craft supplies well organized. This will also help children learn to store like items in the same place. Saint Louis Closet Co.’s chrome and white baskets are a great option for existing shelving units.

This way, everything has a space and kids know where to find items like sports equipment, art supplies, or stuffed animals. By putting kids’ stuff on lower shelves and breakable stuff on higher shelves, you can create an accident-free area. Custom shelving from Saint Louis Closet Co. helps you organize your belongings in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

(3) Custom Bookshelves

We all want our kids to read more over the summer. One clever way to do this is to display books in a way that will make kids want to reach for them. Take a look at this custom solution:

Custom bookshelves are versatile and adjustable. In a child’s room, they can change as the child grows, and as tutus give way to letter jackets. In a closet, they can be adjusted when it’s time to switch out snow boots and scarves for flip-flops and bathing suits. Every system that Saint Louis Closet Co. installs is 100% adjustable. Just ask!

(4) Kids’ Office or Craft Space

Many families are turning a spare room into an office or craft center, with spaces designated to hold anything from personal files to wrapping paper. If you have a teen who likes to express herself with photos and keepsakes, or a kiddo who might just be the next Picasso, creating a space like this is a perfect way to encourage them, yet keep the house organized and tidy. With fabric boards and pull out tray shelves, we can create a space for everything you treasure.

(5) Mudroom and Entry Hall Ideas

The whole family can benefit from a custom-built unit in a mudroom or entryway. Our units can include hooks for jackets, spaces for shoes, and drawers for scarves and gloves. Benches, fabric boards … anything you need to make your life less stressful and more convenient, we can do. As we move from winter to summer and back again, these spaces can accommodate everything you need for each season.

If You Can Imagine It, Our Designers Can Deliver It

If you’d like to speak with a designer about adding lockers, building an organizational unit, or creating a customized kid’s space for your home, let us know! We can give advice and show you designs that will help your home become a tidier, more comfortable place.

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Give the Gift of Organization This Mother’s Day

Is your mom stressed out? Frazzled? Overworked and underappreciated?

You could schedule a spa day or buy her some flowers. Or you could give her a gift that brings a lifetime of stress-free organization.  

A Disorganized Closet Adds Unnecessary Stress

Having a disorganized closet can add hours to your week and more stress to an already busy life. According to researchers, the average American spends almost an hour a day looking for things they’ve lost. Other sources report that, on average, we spend one year of our lives digging through clutter to find misplaced items.

Getting rid of some of that clutter, and organizing spaces for easier access, can reduce the stress associated with a messy home.

At Saint Louis Closet Co., we don’t just design beautiful, well-appointed closets; we help clients shed a little emotional weight. We blend function, aesthetics, and comfort to give our clients a peaceful, organized environment.

What We Consider as We Design Closets

We encourage our clients to go through their existing closets and do a little spring cleaning before investing in a custom closet system. This may entail removing clothing that no longer fits and identifying items that need alterations or dry cleaning.

Then, we ask clients questions about how they use their closets and what they wish they could change. Often, bad lighting in a closet makes it hard to see behind doors or distinguish between blacks and navys. A bright light and a pop of color can make all the difference.

We sometimes decide that open shelving makes more sense than drawers, or that varying height rods would make skirts and slacks easier to access. Flexibility is key for us at Saint Louis Closet Co. Styles change – our clients’ personal lifestyles may even change – so we design closets that can adjust and change with them.  

We strive to provide visual access to all areas of the closet. Then, we add a little fun. Our accessories – like mirrors, decorative hooks, and pull-out racks – are like the icing on the cake. They give our clients added function and flair.

Would Your Mom Love a Professionally Designed Closet?

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home consultations with professional designers. We even offer gift certificates in any dollar amount!   

This year give Mom what she really wants: a customized closet from Saint Louis Closet Co. Call us at (314) 781-9000 or contact us online to make Mom’s day.

From our home to yours, Happy Mother’s Day! — Jennifer Williams

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The Murphy Bed is Back

murphy bed
Today’s Murphy Beds are Sleek and Functional

The Murphy bed: it brings to mind bachelor pads and stale comedy routines, doesn’t it? Well, surprisingly, this “old school space saver” is back in style!

If you’re not familiar with the Murphy bed, it’s simply a bed that folds down from the wall when you’re ready to sleep on it, and conveniently folds back up again when not in use. The cabinets are made of laminate that matches the wall, cabinets, or shelving in your home. Murphy beds come in both Queen and Twin sizes and include the mattress, providing a little more comfort in a little less space.

Saint Louis Closet Co. has seen a jump in wall bed sales, as have other custom designers. Take a look at the newer models, and it’s easy to see why. Today’s Murphy beds are an attractive, space-saving option for many of our clients. Skeptical? We’ll prove it.  

Murphy Beds Originally Solved a Space Problem – and a Social Problem

It seems that men will do anything for love.

According to historians at the Smithsonian, the Murphy Bed was invented by a man who wanted to court an attractive opera singer. William Lawrence Murphy lived in a one-room San Francisco apartment. In his time, the late 1880s, it would not have been acceptable for Murphy to invite a woman into what was essentially his bedroom. So he decided to turn his one-room place into a parlor. Eureka! The idea for the Murphy bed was born. This invention allowed Murphy to host his intended, and the ruse worked; the charming young lady became his wife in 1900. William Murphy patented his invention in 1911.

The Murphy bed gained popularity by the 1920s, meeting a need for people moving into brownstones and row houses. They were so ubiquitous, in fact, that they became a staple of popular culture. Charlie Chaplin wrestled with one in a famous movie clip, and sitcoms featured the springy, slightly embarrassing piece of furniture. Throughout the twentieth century, they became associated with cramped urban apartments or the bachelor life.

Now, they’re being reimagined for the way we live today.

Murphy Beds Maximize Space and Add Vintage Style

While Murphy beds originated in an urban setting, their influence is beginning to spread. That’s because they just make sense, for both Millennials moving into a downtown apartment and Baby Boomers downsizing to a charming bungalow.

Here are just a few reasons Murphy beds are making a comeback:

(1) It Gives You More Space!

What’s better than providing a comfortable bedroom for guests? Being able to use that same room as a home office! Designers say that even a few inches of space-saving  can make a huge difference in a floor plan. So, if you’re working with a 600 sq ft apartment, or if you’re trying to maximize space in a spare room, a hideaway bed provides a nice solution.

Imagine how your traditional guest room can be transformed from a catch-all room to a usable space.

(2) For Comfort, a Bed Beats a Fold-Out Couch

One of the biggest benefits is the honest-to-goodness mattress that comes on every Murphy bed. Let’s face it: pull-out couches are about the most uncomfortable thing in the world to sleep on. Unless you like a bar in your back all night long or creaky springs, sofa beds are out. Murphy beds are in.

(3) The Newest Models Have Style for Days

You may imagine the Murphy bed as a clunky, unwieldy piece of furniture. The truth is that, as times have changed, hideaway beds have, too. Today’s Murphy beds are smooth, sleek, and aesthetically appealing, even to the pickiest home decorator. Clients are beginning to appreciate their flexibility. Today, designers can attach tables or bookshelves to these beds for added functionality. And modern Murphy beds aren’t heavy or difficult to manage. They glide open and shut with ease. Murphy beds can be folded up seamlessly into cabinetry that perfectly complements the room. You’d never guess that a fully-functional bed was hiding behind that wall of bespoke cabinets.

Let the Designers at Saint Louis Closet Co. Show What They Can Build for You

Are you ready to take back your guest room and add a functional, stylish Murphy bed to your home decorating scheme? Murphy beds from Saint Louis Closet Co. are available in Queen or Twin size and fold easily against the wall when they’re not in use. Here are just a couple of the styles we’ve created for customers, whether they’re retirees, new families, or style-conscious singles. The possibilities are endless! Let us know if we can design a hideaway bed for you.

Visit Our Showroom to See These Modern Styles
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Saint Louis Closet Co. Features Local Celebrity Closets

We’re proud to have created custom closet solutions for local KTRS celebrities! Our designers recently had the opportunity to work with Kelly Jackson, Jennifer Blome, and Julie Buck. As natives of Saint Louis, we watch or listen to these featured journalists every week. Take a look at how we were able to add a little organization and style to their lives.  

Kelly Jackson

If you’ve ever listened to McGraw in the Morning on KTRS the Big 550, or watched 5 on Your Side, you’re familiar with anchorwoman and emmy-nominated journalist Kelly Jackson. She started at KSDK in 1998, worked briefly at a sister station in Sacramento, and returned to her hometown and teamed up with McGraw in 2014. Well-known for her sense of style, Kelly anchors the weekend edition of Today in Saint Louis. Kelly has a love for everything St. Louis. When she’s not promoting our fair city, she’s supporting her other great passion: animals. She advocates for animal rescue and loves hanging around town with her own adorable furball, LaRue.

Kelly hosts Today in St. Louis with a goal of helping people de-stress. Perhaps it’s no wonder, then, that she chose to eliminate stress in her own home with a custom-designed closet that provides a well-organized space for everything. Kelly chose classic white shelving and lots of light to highlight her wardrobe and make it easier for her to start the day.

Here’s Kelly’s Insta-famous pooch, LaRue, posing in front of her very own part of the closet – a stylish selection of dog outfits!

Jennifer Blome

For over 30 years, KSDK anchor Jennifer Blome made your mornings a little better. As a veteran of KSDK-TV, she had the opportunity to anchor the first morning newscast in our city, Today in St. Louis. She’s worked with big names in the business, including Tom O’Neal, Pat McGonigle, and Art Holiday. Currently, Jennifer hosts the Jennifer & Jay Show on KTRS, but look for her to soon reunite with Art Holiday for the Jennifer & Art Show.

During the course of her career, Jennifer has educated St. Louisans about mental health and animal welfare, two of her favorite causes. For three years, in fact, Jennifer has led the department of Humane Education at the APA of Missouri. She has participated in a number of other programs to benefit animals, including the PetReach program and the Prison Art Program. Jennifer also works with young children, teaching them to be compassionate and responsible pet owners. She’s branching out soon to launch an anti-violence campaign for kids called “No More Bullying.” Having received a Master’s in Social Work from Washington University, Jennifer has plenty of expertise. We’re privileged to have her in Richmond Heights, where she lives with her partner Dave and three dogs: Roy, Clyde, and Pollyanna.

In May of 2017, Jennifer decided to hit the airwaves again, joining Jon Grayson on The Inside. She’s just as funny and authentic on radio as she was on television. Jennifer is loving every minute of her new life, and we were happy to get to know her better and create a space where she could shine. You can catch Jennifer weekday mornings at 10:00 am on the Big 550 KTRS.

Saint Louis Closet and Co. created a beautiful home office space and roomy pantry for Jennifer and her pup. Take a look!

Julie Buck

Julie is another native of St. Louis who has devoted time and energy to volunteer work on top of her wide-ranging career in media. Maybe it’s genetic. After all, she is the daughter of the late Cardinal and KMOX announcer Jack Buck and sister to sportscaster Joe Buck. Listen to this impressive line-up: Julie has worked in both radio and television; branched out to pursue real estate with her business partner Laura McCarthy; and volunteered or acted as a board member with the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Kidsmart, and MICDS.

Julie continues to be a part of the St. Louis radio scene. Currently, she broadcasts with John Carney on The Carney Show every weekday at 12:30 on the Big 550. She also hosts Girl Talk with Nicole Genovese, a lively, engaging talk show for women in St. Louis. Listen in to get tips on everything fabulous, including fashion, health, parenting and more. It’s like having lunch with your best girlfriends. Julie and her husband have three children and they’re proud to be a part of the St. Louis community.  

We were thrilled to give Julie this wonderful space. Here she is in her large walk-in closet, proudly built by Saint Louis Closet Co.

Saint Louis Closet Co. has Saint Louis Pride for Days

We’re proud to be Saint Louis owned and operated. If you’d like to see more or speak to a designer about how we can help you organize your busy life, contact us today or come by our Maplewood showroom!

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Saint Louis Closet Co. Pantries are Souper

Keep all of your dry and canned goods organized and easily accessible with a 100% custom pantry from Saint Louis Closet Co.! Keep your kitchen clutter to a minimum and maximize the space in your pantry.

The perfect pantry allows you to find items easily and get what you need without digging around in the dark. We believe in making pantries bright and modern, with spaces for dry goods, wine bottles, and more.
Available pull-out racks include canned good racks, wine racks, baskets, basket rim shelves, and pull-out tray shelves.

If you’re tired of cluttered shelves, give one of our designers a call. We can create a solution that works for your busy lifestyle.

The Perfect Pantry
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BEST of HOUZZ 2019

We’re proud to announce that we’ve won “Best of Client Satisfaction” on Houzz, the leading platform for home renovation and design, in their Best Of Houzz 2019 Awards.

These awards highlight home renovation and design professionals with top ratings. Saint Louis Closet Co. was chosen by more than 40 million users, among home building, renovating, design, and art industry professionals, that comprise the Houzz community. Houzz Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews received in 2018. A “Best Of Houzz 2019” badge on winners’ profiles represents their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

St. Louis Closet Co. loves HOUZZ and our customers do, too!  Check out our HOUZZ page, , where you can locate our reviews and projects. But be careful! There’s so much to see, you might get lost. 


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