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Why We Want Home Organization After the Pandemic

Home Organization After The Pandemic

There is no denying the connection between clutter and mental health. There is much research about how clutter affects your life and the psychological benefits of home organization. During the pandemic, search engines were flooded with phrases such as “home organization tips” and “work from home office ideas.” But if this relationship between clutter and mental health is so undeniable, why did it take the pandemic for home organizations’ popularity … Continue reading

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How To Organize Your Walk-In Closet

How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet

Many variables accompany organizing your master bedroom and primary closets. While it seems like a simple “how to organize a walk-in closet” or “walk-in closet organizer” google search would answer all your questions, it might only raise more. Where should you put your tie and belt racks? Where should adjustable shoe shelves go? How do you conserve closet space? Don’t worry; Saint Louis Closet Co. is here to answer all … Continue reading

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