Chrome Baskets in Pantry

Ever wish you didn’t have to shove larger items into your pantry shelves? Our chrome pull-out baskets do a great job of holding these larger items while keeping your pantry organized.  These chrome baskets are 14” deep and come either 17.9” or 24” wide. You can also choose to design your baskets to be 6,” 11,” and or 17” tall, depending on how you plan to use them. Saint Louis Closet Co.’s chrome baskets are great for anything that won’t sit neatly on a shelf: bags of chips, potatoes and onions, etc. Fill a lower one with healthy snacks for your kids to grab and place anything you want to keep out of reach, like cleaning supplies, in a higher one. Chrome brings a bit of modern style into your kitchen. Add our optional canvas liners for an even neater look.



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