Our Installation and Production Team


The Installation Team

Patrick Gibson


Johnny Brownlee


Mark McDermott


Otha McDile


Brandon McLaughlin


Richard Morelan


Austin Reece


Luis Reynoso


Brandon Russavage


Stewart Stegeman


Nate Vogt


The Shop/Production Team

Charlie Maher

Charlie Maher, Production Manager, joined SLCC in 2002. Charlie enjoys being a part of a small locally-owned business, having the pleasure to make customers happy with our product. He takes extra time with his work, doing everything possible to put a smile on the face of the customer. In his free time he enjoys swimming, being outdoors, watching STL Blues hockey, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

JC Curry

JC Curry joined the SLCC staff in 2003 and was one of our lead installers for 17 years, transitioning into our production factory in 2020. JC enjoys the many people and the adventures he experiences every day. He provides great service, humor, and completes everything to perfection. In his free time he writes pop riffs on the guitar, teaches his son guitar, and plays the drums.

Terry Roberts

Terry Roberts joined SLCC in 1998 and was a lead installer for 20 years before transitioning into the production side of the business. Terry enjoys pleasing customers with premium designed and installed custom closets. Terry leads up our door and drawer production as our Product Finishing Manager. In his free time: Roll Tide!!!

Dave Russavage

Dave Russavage, Production Flow Specialist, joined SLCC in 2013. David enjoys learning the knowledge of the trade. He always tries his best to complete quality work. In his free time he enjoys mechanical work.