8 Savvy Tips for Shoe Storage

shoe storage

After a long day out of the house, there’s one thing we can all agree on participating in – kicking off our shoes! Whether it’s at the front, back, or garage door, the entrance to your living space is a high-traffic area for tennis shoes, heels, and boots. Have you started to notice this trend and want to make a change? Now is the time to strategically store your shoes with the help of Saint Louis Closet Co., as we offer 8 savvy tips on shoe storage. Continue reading to learn more.

Count Your Shoes

The first step in organizing your shoes is knowing how many you have. Fun fact! While the average man has 12 to 15 pairs of shoes, the average woman has 25 to 40 pairs. On KTRS 550am’s The Art and Jennifer Show, Jennifer Williams covers the types of shoes people own and more. Think about how often you wear (or don’t wear!) each pair. This gives you the perfect opportunity to downsize or rediscover ones you’ve never even worn before.

Try On Every Single Pair

As you sort through and count, try on every single pair to make sure they 1) fit properly without too much strain on your feet, 2) remain in good condition without scuffs or tears, and 3) are in style. Trust us, if you think something will come back in style, it won’t! What do you do with the shoes that don’t meet this criteria? Multiple nonprofits are looking to provide shoes to those who are less fortunate than you. Who knows? A new pair of heels or sleek dress shoes may just get someone hired at their next interview.

Maximize Closet Space

Walk-in, reach-in, and kid’s closets are the perfect locations for storing shoes. Consider the fact that the average hanging clothing item will stick out 24 inches, compared to shoes that measure 12 to 14 inches. By placing your shoe storage system immediately inside your closet door, it will maximize your closet space instantly. Just grab and go!

Switch to Adjustable Shelving

As an important investment, shoes need to be properly stored to avoid scratches, dents, and dings. Adjustable shelves allow this and also provide organization. Take the height of your shoes, for example. Without a shelf that can be adjusted at will, your nine-inch boots will not fit on the same space as your three-inch sneakers.

Invest in Slanted Shoe Shelves

Improve your shoe shelves with slanted shoe shelves! Get rid of any unsightly boxes that only add to the clutter and proudly display your cute pumps or dapper slip-ons. With a one-inch lip at the front of the shelf, you’ll never miss a pair again. Still not impressed? Try adding chrome rails to really make your wardrobe stand out.

Make Room in Your Drawers

As one of the most effective ways for storing items with the least amount of aesthetic appeal, drawers have many uses. When it comes to footwear, we’re talking about sandals and flip-flops. Instead of wasting precious space on your shelves, put them inside of a drawer where you can slip them inside or stack them on top of each other. Have more than a couple of pairs? Space them out with drawer dividers and simplify your life a little.

Don’t Forget About Laundry Rooms and Mudrooms

While an organized closet is the home your shoes deserve, laundry rooms and mudrooms are the temporary storage spaces they need. When covered in mud or soaked in sweat from the gym, the last place you want these to stroll across is your floors. Laundry rooms offer a specific zone for shoes that need cleaning while mudrooms can be a miscellaneous area for all things. Throw a shoe shelf into each room and thank yourself (and Saint Louis Closet Co.) later!

Trust in Saint Louis Closet Co.

Let us help you organize your shoes! Through our expert team of designers and installers, Saint Louis Closet Co. guarantees your satisfaction when it comes to our fully customizable, floor-based closet systems, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and other products. Register for a free consultation today.

Speaking of shoes, did you know that Claire Flowers just unveiled her new spring/summer line, including her first ever flip-flops and wedges, in our showroom? There were over 30 styles of shoes on display and available to try on/buy on the spot. Claire has found success by marrying innovation and classic design. She has expanded her business in the spirit of creating professional women’s apparel that is resilient, versatile, and timeless. We thank her and every single person who stopped by!


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