7 Reasons to Hire a Closet Design Company

reasons to hire a closet design company

Have you ever gone looking for a shirt you haven’t worn for a while and ended up organizing the untidy closet because you couldn’t find what you needed? A closet design company helps make this a thing of the past.

Custom closet design companies work with the space you have, to create a custom closet or organizational system that works with your style, needs, and budget. They offer professional and trained designers who have extensive experience in space management.

Below are 7 reasons to hire a closet design company!

#1. Add Value to Your Home

Potential buyers find custom closets highly desirable, which makes this one of the best home improvements you can make to add value to your home.

Buyers are looking for attractive properties with practical living spaces and much-needed extra storage. A beautifully organized closet, like one in the master bedroom, for instance, could potentially lead to a quicker home sale.

#2. Make the Most of a Small Space or Help with Downsizing

Closet designers know how to maximize every inch of space. Tailored storage solutions get the job done when one-size-fits-all organizers don’t work. Everyone’s storage needs and design tastes vary, and prefabricated closet organizer systems cannot compare to what a skilled closet designer can create. 

Many families eventually find the need to downsize, and storage becomes a necessity, not a luxury…it’s at this point when hiring a custom closet design company can make all the difference in your new home.  By helping re-think how you store your items and giving advice on how to edit and keep only the necessities becomes invaluable information and insight.

Reach-in closets are the most common type of closets, and they can be organized to create the functional space you need!

#3. Organize Your Mudroom

A mudroom acts as the first line of defense against clutter. With custom storage solutions, you can personalize your mudroom and meet the needs of the entire family.

A hall closet can be transformed, or storage can be added to the entry. Adjustable shelves can be made at any width or depth and moved up or down for complete flexibility. Meanwhile, lockers with rotating hooks give each family member a space of their own to drop off their backpacks, boots, jackets, and more.

#4. Keep Wardrobes Organized

You’ll need a place to put all your clothes, and a custom closet system is built to meet your needs and preferences. Say goodbye to leaving shoes in the middle of the floor and facing a messy pile of clothes.

There are many accessories that make it easy to keep wardrobes organized for kids and adults. Just a few include:

#5. Organize the Garage

Power tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and more need to be stored, and the garage is the most suitable place in your home. A closet designer will recommend the best solutions to keeping your belongings tidy and off the ground.

Heavy-duty cabinet feet are great, particularly for garages prone to flooding. as they enable cabinets to sit above the floor.

#6. Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you’d like to upgrade your kitchen, but a full remodel isn’t within budget, consider hiring a closet design company to upgrade your pantry.

Chrome baskets, with their frosted basket liners, do a great job of holding larger items. Canned good racks, spice racks, pull-out bins, and pull-out tray shelves also allow you to view what you have stored and easily access the back of the shelves.

#7. Make Your Dream Closet a Reality

Let Saint Louis Closet Co. make your dream closet a reality! With high-quality materials and countless options and accessories, our custom designs add value, style, and convenience.

Our experienced closet designers will meet with you, analyze your unique needs, and design the best organizational system for you. Since our closets are 100% adjustable, you can make adjustments as you see fit.

Learn more or get started by registering for a FREE consultation today!

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