6 Helpful Hints for Maximizing Your Pantry’s Storage

It’s happening again. You’ve found yourself reorganizing the pantry because it still just doesn’t feel right. The more you shuffle everything around, the less organized it looks. That’s why you’re here now – to find a professional’s opinion. Saint Louis Closet Co. has you covered with 6 helpful hints for maximizing your pantry’s storage.

Clean Out Clutter

Let’s start by addressing any clutter that has made its way inside your pantry. Think extra cookware from your wedding registry, expired canned goods that never made their way to your plate, expired spices, or other possessions that haven’t been touched for months. The two best options here are to either throw it all away or find a new storage space.

Visualize a Fresh Start

After removing nonessentials from the pantry, you’ll notice the gaps that they once filled. Prevent yourself from allowing it to happen again by visualizing what the space will look like with the right accessories. There are plenty of Pinterest accounts and magazines to look at for inspiration.

pantry space

Upgrade to Adjustable Shelving

Get the most out of your shelving units by upgrading to adjustable thermo-fused laminate (TFL) shelving. Simply move them up or down to make room for cereal boxes, kitchen appliances, or other items that vary in height. Weight won’t be too much of a problem either when it comes to laminate shelves that are ¾” thick.

Include Basket-Rim Shelves

There are some items that like to roll off the shelves or happen to be knocked over as you reach inside. Basket-rim shelves eliminate those concerns with their 5 ½” tall barriers. Designed for maximum visibility, you’ll still be able to view everything that is being stored.

chrome pull-out racks in pantry

Consider Chrome Pull-Out Racks

Speaking about enhanced visibility, chrome pull-out racks are essential for storing canned goods or spices in the pantry. You certainly don’t want these getting lost at the back of the shelf. These racks also work wonderfully for housing your favorite wine collection.

Schedule a Consultation with Saint Louis Closet Co.

Having a customized, floor-based storage system installed in your pantry space is the best way to maximize it. All of our organizational systems are 100% adjustable and measured to any space, big or small. With so many options to choose from, what are you waiting for? Register for a free consultation today.

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