5 Summer Storage Ideas for Families

It’s summer. The kids are out of school and underfoot. Unfortunately, so are their toys, swimsuits, sports gear, craft projects, and everything else. Plus, there’s that pile of winter clothes that haven’t been put away yet.

It’s time to get organized.

Every home needs a place for kids’ items, the backpack or bicycle helmet or pair of shoes that always ends up in an untidy pile by the door. At Saint Louis Closet Co., we’ve got a few solutions that help reduce the clutter and give you back your sanity.

Reclaim Space in Your Home with these 5 Storage Ideas

(1) Lockers for Kids

Lockers aren’t just for high school. If you can get your kids in the habit of keeping backpacks and jackets in a specified location, they’ll learn organization, a skill that will certainly help them down the road.

As one of our clients said, “I cannot count the number of times that I have told my kids to stop throwing their backpacks and jackets on the closest piece of furniture the second they walk in the house. The solution for our family is lockers and cubbies in our mudroom, so that every time my kids walk in the door, the closest piece of furniture is a cubby and hook specifically designed for their belongings. This also works wonders for sports equipment and sports bags.”

If you have a convenient space by the door, or in a laundry room or playroom, consider adding lockers or cubbies. Install them now, and you’ll thank yourself when school comes around. Available options at Saint Louis Closet Co. include benches, baskets, rotating locker hooks, shelves, and more.

(2) See-Through Storage

Many of us have a toy box or storage box for our kids. How often, though, does that space become a catch-all for everything from shoes to legos? A better solution is see-through storage. With chrome pull-out baskets, adjustable shelving, and clear glass doors, you can keep items like art and craft supplies well organized. This will also help children learn to store like items in the same place. Saint Louis Closet Co.’s chrome and white baskets are a great option for existing shelving units.

This way, everything has a space and kids know where to find items like sports equipment, art supplies, or stuffed animals. By putting kids’ stuff on lower shelves and breakable stuff on higher shelves, you can create an accident-free area. Custom shelving from Saint Louis Closet Co. helps you organize your belongings in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

(3) Custom Bookshelves

We all want our kids to read more over the summer. One clever way to do this is to display books in a way that will make kids want to reach for them. Take a look at this custom solution:

Custom bookshelves are versatile and adjustable. In a child’s room, they can change as the child grows, and as tutus give way to letter jackets. In a closet, they can be adjusted when it’s time to switch out snow boots and scarves for flip-flops and bathing suits. Every system that Saint Louis Closet Co. installs is 100% adjustable. Just ask!

(4) Kids’ Office or Craft Space

Many families are turning a spare room into an office or craft center, with spaces designated to hold anything from personal files to wrapping paper. If you have a teen who likes to express herself with photos and keepsakes, or a kiddo who might just be the next Picasso, creating a space like this is a perfect way to encourage them, yet keep the house organized and tidy. With fabric boards and pull out tray shelves, we can create a space for everything you treasure.

(5) Mudroom and Entry Hall Ideas

The whole family can benefit from a custom-built unit in a mudroom or entryway. Our units can include hooks for jackets, spaces for shoes, and drawers for scarves and gloves. Benches, fabric boards … anything you need to make your life less stressful and more convenient, we can do. As we move from winter to summer and back again, these spaces can accommodate everything you need for each season.

If You Can Imagine It, Our Designers Can Deliver It

If you’d like to speak with a designer about adding lockers, building an organizational unit, or creating a customized kid’s space for your home, let us know! We can give advice and show you designs that will help your home become a tidier, more comfortable place.

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