5 Kitchen Organization Tips for Easier Mealtimes

Does the clutter in your kitchen pantry frustrate you and slow down mealtime? 

It’s not easy to keep things in their place, especially when kids or spouses are always in and out. Before long, you may find yourself digging through pantry shelves for dinner ideas, and wasting several minutes every time you cook. 

Wouldn’t you like to make meal prep easier? 

Your pantry doesn’t have to be a cluttered nightmare! Our tips below can help you make your pantry an organized, accessible space. Best of all, once you organize your pantry, cooking for the whole family gets a little more enjoyable.

(1) Keep Your Must-Have Items Easily Accessible 

Do your kids go through granola bars or juice boxes in a flash? Do you regularly pick up cases of bottled water because they run out so quickly? We know how you feel, and how important it is to stock your family’s favorite foods. 

Keep the things you grab regularly within sight and close at hand. We suggest pull-out basket-rimmed shelves you can clearly see into. For example: 

(2) Label and Organize Cans and Spices 

If you don’t have an organized pantry and spice rack, you may find yourself spending precious minutes searching for the garlic salt or digging around for that can of green beans. While a minor inconvenience, it can add to both your cooking time and stress level. That’s why we recommend taking the time to label and organize your spices, and to store your canned goods so that they’re easily accessible. 

Here’s a way we helped one of our clients do just that. 

(3) Use Vertical as well as Horizontal Space 

Not all of your storage space needs to be horizontal. Spaces with vertical dividers are perfect for items you can store upright, like pans or cutting boards. Even cookbooks can be stored this way for easy access. Keeping these things stored neatly will not only save space but also time. When you have everything within reach, it’s easy to check a recipe or prepare a sheet pan dinner. 

(4) Use Hanging Rods for Dish Towels 

Why stuff dish towels in a drawer when you can hang them for better drying and more convenient storage. Adding a pull-out towel rod to a space in your pantry allows you to hang damp towels, aprons, or dinner napkins. This solution frees up drawer space and keeps dish towels dry and within reach.


(5) Use Labeled Canisters and Bins Instead of Bulky Packaging

You can make better use of the space in your pantry by using labeled canisters and bins, and ditching the cardboard or plastic packaging. Pro tip: be sure to keep any cooking instructions you might need later! 

We love the way this client used her label maker to make her personal pantry bins easy to identify and access on our adjustable shelves. Her sense of style is evident, too! 

Let Saint Louis Closet Co. Design a Perfectly Organized Pantry for Your Busy Family

We can help you maximize the space in your kitchen pantry and make overall kitchen storage simpler with adjustable shelving, pull-out wine racks and more. Whether you need quick access to childrens’ snacks, sophisticated storage for heirloom china, or just a way to better organize spices for the novice chef in your family, we can come up with a solution that fits. Plus, we offer free in-home design consultations. Give us a call today at (314) 781-9000. 


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