5 Inventive Ideas for Home Office Spaces

There’s something extraordinarily special about working from home. Almost any room or space can become your new office instantly. All it takes is the right setup and a few accessories to help you get the job done. Through Saint Louis Closet Co., the possibilities of designing your own customizable home office are endless. Here are 5 ideas for getting started right away:

Start Simple

A simple home office is perfect for working from home. If you are struggling to maximize your space, think about adding cabinets and drawers. These classic options will give you a place for everything from pens to binders. Is your keyboard taking up too much room? Installing a pull-out keyboard tray can alleviate those claustrophobic concerns.

Simple Home Office

Utilize Craft Units

While craft centers are perfect for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, wrapping, and sewing – they can also double as a home office. Put the sewing machine off to the side for now and plug your laptop in. There is plenty of counter, shelf, and drawer space around you with a few slight rearrangements to be made.

Craft center

Revamp the Spare Bedroom

Typically known for being the “storage space,” a spare bedroom can be anything that you want it to be. Why not make it into your home office? If you’re someone who works from home, then you know how difficult it can be to focus without the proper workspace. Move out all of the junk and set up your desk before it becomes a home gym first.

spare bedroom office

Create a Workspace for Children

Parents understand how important homework and school projects are for their child’s grades. Instead of breaking out the scissors and glue on the kitchen table, give them their own desk with file drawers. Who knows? They may become just as organized as you, if not more!

Home Office - 2019

Make the Guest Room Multifunctional

Guest rooms can become multifunctional spaces with the addition of a Murphy bed. Imagine an open workspace where you can keep your home office running, while offering a bed to guests whenever they come knocking. You might even need a little nap for yourself at the end of a long day.

Murphy Bed Closed with Desk

Saint Louis Closet Co. can design a unit or desk in any room of your home. Think of the office essentials that go beyond just a spacious desk and swivel chair. We’re talking about the wonderful accessories we offer! These are the items that are going to make you visualize yourself at work instead of being inside your comfy house – even if you’re working in your pajamas! Register for a free consultation today.

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