5 Holiday Decorating Tips: Home Organization

‘Twas a month before Christmas, when all around my place not a decoration was hanging, not even a trace. While the stockings should be “hung by the chimney,” you can’t seem to find even those. How did this happen? A lack of organization is the best way to put it. Don’t let that get you down – it’s never too late to learn and Saint Louis Closet Co. is here to help! Continue reading for 5 holiday decorating tips when it comes to home organization.

holiday storage

Make a List (And Check It Twice)

The first step in getting organized for holiday decorating is to list out all of the resources you already own – especially if you want to buy more. Months after originally storing everything, it’s easy to forget what has been packed away. When you have taken inventory, start separating everything you want to keep from anything you don’t need to hold on to. Childhood memories are a must-have, but aging tinsel and lights can easily be replaced. Don’t forget to double check your list and keep it in a safe place for next year.

Invent a Die-Hard Method

This is the perfect opportunity to shine as a gatekeeper in your home. Take the time to invent a method or a system for everyone to learn. Then follow it to a tee for staying organized after you break out the decorations. There are the classics like alphabetical order or even color coordination. No matter what works best for you, take advantage of labeling boxes and bins to match your method WHILE you’re in action.

Take Eight Nights If Necessary

There’s no reason to rush the process unless you’ve waited until the last possible day. Let’s face it, your family is already going to put enough pressure on you over the next few weeks. Pacing yourself now will help you to avoid getting stressed out. It’s also a lot of fun to put out knickknacks and trinkets – so why not make it last? Taking a little more time will help make it all look perfect.

Keep the Tradition Going

Why should your new organizational skills go to waste after the holidays? Try implementing a new monthly tradition of storing things neatly and throwing out old clutter. Start with the garage or shed to free up extra space outdoors and then work your way back inside. The more you can move from your line of sight, the less you’ll have to look at on a daily basis.

Give Yourself a Gift

If you are struggling to stay organized with your current storage spaces, give yourself the gift of a Saint Louis Closet Co. system. We offer shelves, drawers, hooks, and accessories to keep your decorations in mint condition. There’s also an easy way to manage this year’s abundance of giftwrap ahead of time – wrapping paper centers. Think baskets for bows and ribbons, shelves that slant for holding wrapping paper rolls, and wide desks for cutting and taping.

Most installations take less than a day! Call us at 314-781-9000 or register online for a free closet consultation.

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