5 Helpful Tips to Help You Organize Your Winter Clothes

How to organize winter clothes with Saint Louis Closet Co.

The cold, rain, and snow are making their way into the forecasts, which means it’s time to break out the chunky knit sweaters, down coats, and winter boots. From switching out your summer attire to making sure your knitwear keeps its shape, we have several recommendations for organizing your winter clothes and accessories. Keep reading to learn more!

Divide and Conquer…Your Shoes

The first thing you’ll want to do is separate your shoes into keep or trash piles. It’s essential to make room in your closet for other items and keep it looking clean and tidy. If you’re holding on to a pair of running shoes that are four seasons too old, perhaps you can toss those to make room for a new pair.

Next, divide each pair of shoes based on their purpose, like casual, athletic, and special occasion. You’ll want to keep your casual and everyday shoes closer to the front of the closet. You can place your special occasion shoes toward the back of your closet or up on slanted shoe shelves since you typically won’t be wearing them as much. If you own a pair of heavy winter boots or shoes that get dirty often, think about keeping those out of the closet and in the Mudroom or entryway closet.  It is best to keep those in a spot that’s easier to clean.

Fold Your Sweaters

Did you know that hangers can ruin the shape of your sweaters? Whether they’re cashmere or chunky knits, you’re going to want to make sure to fold all your sweaters. It’s best to have a couple of adjustable shelves available so you can place lighter items on one and heavier items on the other. If you find yourself working within a smaller space, it’s essential to remember that the heavier and bulkier items should go on the bottom of a stack, and the lighter items should go on the top of a stack. You can also organize by color or purpose. Perhaps you want all your red sweaters together, or maybe all your work sweaters and cardigans should be in one place for easy access.

Just like your shoes, make sure you go through all your sweaters. Pick out any that are out of style, don’t fit right, or need to be mended. You can donate or toss whatever you don’t want to keep and send whatever needs fixing off to the tailor. It’s best to do this early in the season, so you have as many usable options as possible down the line.

Keep Coats in Their Own Closet

You shouldn’t keep oversized, bulky winter coats in your master closet. They’ll only take up space and could dirty your other clothes that haven’t been exposed to the elements. Find a spot for your winter coats in either your entryway closet, your mudroom, or a plate of coat hooks by the door. We recommend keeping nicer pieces in the entryway closet while delegating more athletic and workwear to the mudroom.

If you find yourself utilizing your entryway closet for your nicer pieces, as well as any coats and accessories your guests may have, we advise you to invest in wooden hangers and scarf racks to accommodate everything. The wooden hangers are sure to support any heavy coat, and the scarf racks will keep your scarves from being wrinkled.

Use Closet Accessories for Storing Gloves, Scarves, and Hats

Whether it’s in your mudroom or entryway closet, use different closet and storage accessories for all your gloves, scarves, and hats. You can utilize scarf racks,  rotating hooks, or chrome double hooks for all your winterwear accessories. For gloves, create different cubbies, preferably per custom locker in your mudroom. That way, there’s less risk of one of your kids losing a glove or you having to try and keep all the pairs together in one large space.

Make Space for Your Winter Athletic Gear

For some of us, winter is the time to get out and get active. From skiing to snowshoeing, there are countless activities for you to enjoy. However, you need a space to keep all that gear in. It’s best to find an area with a tiled or concrete floor that’s easy to clean. Whether in an enlarged mudroom, garage, or basement, it’s essential to find a dedicated space to ensure that your gear stays in pristine condition.

Perhaps you want to build adjustable cabinets in your garage or basement. Make sure to install garage feet to any cabinets that would sit on the floor. This will keep your cabinets and anything within them safe from flooded floors. It also makes it easier to clean the space when it comes time for spring cleaning.

Organize Your Home with Saint Louis Closet Co.

From puffy parkas to cozy cashmere, make sure you have a place for it all. Saint Louis Closet Co. guarantees to make the most out of any space to give you the storage you need. Visit our website today to schedule a free consultation or call us at (314) 781-9000. You may also visit our showroom in Maplewood, MO, to see everything we have to offer in person. No matter the season, stay organized with Saint Louis Closet Co.!

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