5 Back-to-School Organization Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of the year again – we’re gearing up to get back to school! While the experience may be in-person or virtual, there’s still a lot to manage when it comes to organizing your children’s school necessities. Luckily enough, Saint Louis Closet Co. is offering you 5 back-to-school organization tips and tricks.

back to school

School Day Meals Made Easy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be one of the most hectic meals as well. Make sure to prepare the pantry for breakfast the night before (it doesn’t hurt to pack lunches then, too). Don’t have a pantry? Visualize how much simpler your mornings will become with pull-out shelves for toaster pastries and corner shelving for tall cereal boxes.

Leaving the House on Time

It can be difficult finding shoes, jackets, and backpacks before leaving the house. That’s why you should look to mudrooms and lockers as a handy solution. These are the perfect staging areas, storage places, or even dumping grounds for your children’s school gear. When you designate a special place for their belongings to go, they will feel responsible for it.

Closet Growth for Teens

Teens are growing and changing at a fast pace, so it’s important that their closets or organizational systems grow along with them. Check out this video to learn how to best organize a teen’s closet:

A Quiet Place for Homework

Home offices are no longer just for adults, so we recommend creating one for your kids. These setups offer a quiet place for doing homework or attending an online class with little to no interruptions. Think about adding pull-out keyboard trays, baskets, file drawers, and more to assist them in improving their own management skills.

Stop Losing Socks

Whether your child has a school uniform or can attend class practically in their pajamas, you’re going to want a game plan for the laundry. Hampers in bedrooms are helpful for dirty clothes, but tilt-out laundry hampers in the laundry room are necessary for clean clothes. Baskets and hanging rods are also useful when it’s time to fold or hang a nice shirt or skirt. There are even fold-out ironing boards that only take up space when you need them. If you do it all right, you’ll never lose a sock again.

School Supply Drop Off

Speaking of going back to school, Saint Louis Closet Co. is collecting school supplies throughout August for KidSmart! Drop off your donation in our showroom Mondays through Fridays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. We’re incredibly excited to play a part of their mission to empower children in need to succeed in school by providing free essential tools for learning. Have a wonderful school year!

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