4 Valuable Tips to Garage Organization

Does your garage feel more like a tool shed than an extension of your home? Then it’s time to rethink your approach to garage storage! Don’t settle for clutter here, just like you wouldn’t in the rest of your home. Follow these 4 valuable tips the next time you want to organize your garage.

Garage Organization1

Add Custom Shelving

Garages seem to magically attract mismatched shelving units that you wouldn’t dream of using anywhere else. The result is a chaotic impression, and worse, nothing really fits. If the cushions for your outdoor furniture are drooping off the ends of shallow shelves, you need to make room for adjustable shelves.

Garage shelving

Consider Lockers

For many people, the garage serves as the everyday entrance to their homes. That’s why you should consider adding lockers in this space. Every member of the family should have a place to drop their coats, shoes, backpacks, or sports equipment before they even make it inside. Lockers are as simple as open shelving with a couple of hooks, or completely customizable with baskets, drawers, or doors to keep clutter out of sight.


Protect Your Investment

Heavy-duty cabinet feet are highly popular features for shelving in garages. These workhorses lift the entire system off the ground without sacrificing the stability of tried-and-tested, floor-based systems. You’ll be free to hose out your garage without soaking your custom shelving, and if the occasional rainstorm overwhelms your drainage, this will be one less thing to worry about.

Garage feet

Choose Adjustable Storage

Custom shelving units from Saint Louis Closet Co. are endlessly adjustable. If your garage is full of hula-hoops, t-ball equipment, and pool noodles right now, know that you’ll be able to adjust everything in a few years to make room for lacrosse gear, mountain bikes, and tennis racquets. If your needs shift away from sporting goods and you find your garage overrun with woodworking tools and gardening equipment, no problem! Your custom shelving can be adjusted to fit your changing needs.

Potting StationFeeling overwhelmed? Whether you need guidance about where to start, or just a second opinion about the best way to maximize your space, give Saint Louis Closet Co. a call at 314-781-9000 and work with one of our expert designers today.


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