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Getting Organized at Home for School!

Ask about our Get Organized for School Special!!  10% off the regular priced custom closet systems!!  Expires 12/31/15, not valid with any other discounts or promotions.

Summer’s coming to an end and school is starting soon.  All kids need a place to work at home, a place to put their school supplies, a place to hang their coats, a place to put their shoes so they don’t track playground dirt or soccer mud into your house, and the perfect place for that is a St. Louis Closet Co. desk, cubby or locker.


My kids go back to school in two short weeks and as soon as they come home from their first day of school with lots of binders, textbooks, and other supplies I know they will be able to stay organized with their desks.  They have a place for everything.  The drawers hold their pencils, pens, markers, erasers, paper, and notebooks with ample room for sketchbooks, books, and fun little gadgets.  The shelves on top provide a perfect place to easily arrange their textbooks and binders.  And hanging over the desk is a fabric board to hang photos, awards, and their school schedule on.  Everything they need is in one place, easily accessible, and organized.

In addition to their desk, as soon as they walk in after soccer practice or piano lessons they take off their shoes, put them on their shoe shelves, hang their jacket and soccer bag up in their Cubby, and there is no mud or cleat marks throughout the rest of the house.  Their St. Louis Closet Company lockers and shoe shelves are perfect.

What better way to start school off organized then a St Louis Closet Company desk and locker.  Call Saint Louis Closet Co. today 314-781-9000 to get a free in-home estimate to organize your kids and your home.  Start the school year off right!!  Estimates only take about an hour and when our trained designers leave your home you will have a design and price for your new project. 314-781-9000.

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Business Tips from St. Louis Small Business Expert Jennifer Q. Williams

Small Talk on KTRS Tune into KTRS 550AM on The McGraw Milhaven Show and to hear owner Jennifer Q. Williams talk Small Business.  Being an award-winning business leader in the St. Louis Business Community for over 24 years, Jennifer will talk Small Business!! Tips on getting your business started, turning an idea into a business, what tools you need to start, run and grown your Small Business.  According to SBA Small Businesses make up 99.7% of all employer firms.

7/23/15  Aren’t we always interested in the habits of famous people, successful business owners? Here are five habits that I think most successful Entrepreneurs seem to possess.

Five Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners:

They put their customers first.  Small business owners see a need and fill it! Customer service and customer satisfaction is the make or break of any start-up and the key to growth and sustainability.

They don’t take ‘No’ for an answer.  Small Business owners are not good at accepting the answer ‘no’ to anything. Entrepreneurs will find a way to make things work, they will find a way to keep moving forward. Also ignoring the people who say you cannot do it, is the path to success.

They go one step further than anyone else.  Not only does this apply to customer service, but it applies to everything a small business owner does, go one step further with your brand, your website, your employees. Don’t settle for just OK…be the best.

They make decisions quickly, are OK with changing directions.  Many people get bogged down with decisions and the inability to change quickly if things are not working. Successful entrepreneurs make a decision, move on and deal with it later. Successful entrepreneurs are OK to pull the plug on something not working and quickly change gears and move on. * an advantage small businesses have over large companies.

They are visible.  Successful entrepreneurs are the face of their business. They are in the media, they are a face for the customer and don’t shy away from the customers. They are also available and visible to their employees.

6/18/15  EVERY Customer deserves a response! Over-listen!

Read, listen and learn from Social Media, great platform for customers to communicate with you.

Have a plan, how will customer complaints be dealt with within your business. Is there a chain of command, a time period, do employees have power to solve customers concerns.

Show genuine concern. Make their problem YOUR problem….because ultimately it is your problem.

Respond Promptly, every minute you’re not responding they are telling someone about how unhappy they are.

Go the extra mile….go overboard with your solution!! Fix their problem then do something else. A cup of coffee, a nice dinner, an extra accessory, etc.

3/19/15  Five Small Business Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Entrepreneurship.  More and more people leaving large companies and starting their own small businesses. Downsizing, layoffs, & better opportunities.

Digital Marketing and Social Media.  Videos on YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, etc…no need for TV Commercials, more need for TECHNICAL marketing employees vs CREATIVE.

More people working from home.  Work/life balance is more important to millennials than any previous generation.   More opportunities to work from home and more opportunities for flexible hours due to technology.

Less Retail shopping, more Online shopping.  Convenience!

SEO (search engine optimization) and the Web.  More important than ever! Consumers want content marketing NOT product. Everyone Google’s….your small business needs to be found. Online engagement.

7/5/14  St. Louis Small Business Expert, Jennifer Q. Williams discusses with McGraw Milhaven on How to Get Business, How to Get Your Phone to Ring.  Tell people what you have that others don’t, send out press releases on a regular basis, remember customers need to hear your company name 5-7 times before they remember.  Make sure to stay on top of your competition and know what they’re doing.  You want to Target Market the small surrounding area your business services and Blanket Market the larger surrounding area for name awareness.  Constantly work on, revise and grow your marketing plan to change with what’s working and not.  Don’t forget Social Media.

5/15/14  St. Louis Small Business Expert, Jennifer Q. Williams talks with McGraw Milhaven about Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter Ideas for Small Business.

Blogging, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to generate business and turn existing customers into repeat customers.  Some key components of this type of communication:

1.  Don’t sell…this is a great way to disseminate information in a non-sales way.  No pressure and offering great helpful information.  Save your sales for your sales force and your brochures.

2.  Connect with and keep in touch with past clients.  This form of communication will keep your past and existing customers thinking of you, even when they don’t need your services…referrals!

Great topics to consider…Be an expert on your product or service, Review a book or product your customers would find helpful, Highlight new products and how they can help, Top 10 Lists, How to Articles, Take a survey and share your results, photos, feature new employees, promote specials, host networking events, etc.

4/24/14  St. Louis Small Business Expert, Jennifer Quinn Williams talks about Creating Raving Fans for your Small Business not just satisfied customers!  book, “Raving Fans” by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.

“Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better.  Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore in today’s competitive marketplace, you have to create Raving Fans.”

The cost of getting new customers in the door is getting more and more expensive everyday.  Let your Raving Fans do the work for you.

Decide what you want for your business and it’s service…discover what your customers want then deliver that plus!

WHY?  Studies show that a satisfied customer will tell 2-3 people about his/her experience with your company.  A dissatisfied customer will share their bad experience with 8-10 people and some will push that number to 20.  But here’s your real opportunity…an unhappy customer will become extremely loyal if you fix their complaint and do it quickly. 80% of these customers will come back to you if you’ve treated them fairly.  That percentage rises to the upper 90’s if you respond immediately.

Everyday you have the chance to transform your mistakes into returning customers and everyday you have the chance to go above and beyond and create Raving Fans.

2/5/14 St. Louis Small Business expert, Jennifer Williams talks about the importance of Mentoring in Small Business.  Define Mentor – An experienced or trusted advisor!  Six tips to finding the right mentor:

1.  Determine your needs, remember your needs will change as your business grows.

2.  Take time to network, not only to generate sales, but to meet potential mentors.  This will help you decide who and what you need.  Great places to network include women’s events, chamber events, local speaking engagements, etc.

3.  Listen MORE, talk less!  Given your enthusiasm about your particular business or product, it may be hard to listen and take advise from someone outside your industry.

4.  Be ‘mentor able’ – Be willing to consider other ideas that may not match your opinions.  Look for other opinions and be willing to think outside the box.

5.  Be flexible.  Don’t assume a mentor will have to stick with you for the entire life of your business.  Mentors can come and go based on your needs.  Some mentors may help you with future planning, some may help with advertising, and some may just be there for you to bounce ideas off of.

6.  Thank you mentor!!  They don’t want money, but their time is extremely valuable, so please let them know you appreciate it.

Tweet Jennifer with your Small Business questions @StLouisClosetCo #SMALLBIZTALK or email her at jennifer@StLouisClosetCo.com

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Jennifer Q. Williams Wins Most Popular!!!

Congrats to owner Jennifer Q. Williams for being voted the most popular of the Class of 1996 St. Louis Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.  Click here to read the full story And the Winner Is….


St. Louis Business Journal 40 Under 40 alumni project, which includes a “most popular” poll for all 21 of their 40 Under 40 classes. They’re crowning one person from each class with the title of “most popular,” based on your votes.

Jennifer Quinn Williams was one the winners from 1996!  Thanks to everyone who voted.


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Lose That Excess Clutter – St. Louis Closets!

Reality check: how’s your New Year’s resolution going? It is five months into 2015 and if you’re like most people, you are busy, stressed and have put your resolutions on the back burner. If your resolution was to get organized–as it was for many people–it is time to do a serious self-evaluation.

Rather than being overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of getting your de-cluttering your home, I personally think that the best way to attack home organization is to take it room-by-room. With summer almost here, let’s begin with the kids’ rooms, so grab your nearest child and get to work.

KidsClosetKids grow like weeds (especially babies and toddlers), so start by going through their clothes and toys making sure to get rid of the items that they do not wear or do not fit anymore. Inspect their clothing for tears and mend those pieces that need buttons or other alterations. Throw away or donate outgrown toys and games right away.

If you have a Saint Louis Closet Co. closet system in your child’s room, the next step would be to adjust the shelves and rods to maximize your space. The great thing about having a Saint Louis Closet Co. closet is that our systems are 100% adjustable, so your closets actually grow as your children grow.

After seeing the results and witnessing the effect it has on your daily life, you will want to maintain that organization, but wanting to maintain it and actually doing it are two completely different things.

Remember, we are all human, and we will at one time or another falter and a room or two will lose its organizational luster, but that’s okay: just make sure you identify accumulating clutter before it gets out of hand and you give up on the whole thing. The best way to succeed in keeping your spaces organized is to make it something that the entire family can participate in.

The earlier you get your children involved with keeping their own space and your home in tact, the more likely they will be to abide to organization as they get older.

Remember, getting organized is like losing weight: it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so make the commitment, set short-term, realistic goals and don’t beat yourself up if you slack everyone once in a while. We all deserve a little bit of indulgence every now and again; just make sure to keep yourself in check and don’t let it get out of hand. The rewards of staying organized with help simplify your life, and we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

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St. Louis Closet Co. Get Organized This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to get organized!!  All those hot, lazy days when you head inside to escape the St. Louis humidity….start getting organized.  You don’t have to take on a big project, start small.  One organized drawer will set you on the path of organizational success!!

Take the catch all drawer in the kitchen or Home Office where everything gets dumped.  Take everything out and clean the inside of the drawer with a clean damp cloth.  Then you may want to add a drawer liner out of felt, wallpaper or decorative paper to brighten up the bottom of the drawer.  Then you’re ready to begin.


Sort items into several ‘like’ piles, make sure to throw away all trash, broken items or things you no longer use.  Then start deciding if you want drawer dividers, individual containers, or even small bowls and tupperware work great for organization.  Invest in a labeler, readily available at any office supply store, and label the bottom of the drawer or container with what goes in that space…this will help everyone in the family get the right things in the right places.

Stand back, admire, pat yourself on the back and enjoy how good it feels to have that one drawer organized.  Now you’re ready to tackle your closet.  Give Saint Louis Closet Co. a call at 314-781-9000 to schedule a free in-home closet consultation.  Take advantage of our Get Organized Special of 10% off your custom closet order.  Call for more details.

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St. Louis Closets for MOM!

This year give Mom what she really wants….a customized closet from Saint Louis Closet Co.  Organized closets will make every home and every Mom super happy!!  We also offer gift certificates in any dollar amount, so call today 314-781-9000 to make Mom’s day!!

Follow Saint Louis Closet Co. on PINTEREST!! Click the link below to visit us:


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St. Louis Closet & Children’s Home Society of MO

Spring is coming, and it’s a great time to call Saint Louis Closet Co. and get organized!  And there is no better place than Children’s Home Society of Missouri to benefit from the closet clean-out.  Free Estimates 314-781-9000.


As you are organizing your belongings in your new St. Louis Closet Co. closet, consider donating your gently used items to Children’s Home Society of Missouri through their Clothing for a Cause program.  You can reduce your environmental footprint and find a valuable use for your gently-used clothes, shoes, and household items while supporting Children’s Home Society of Missouri at the same time.

Founded in 1891, Children’s Home Society of Missouri (CHS) has become a well-established nationally accredited nonprofit agency serving short-term and long-term needs of families and their children who have faced severe physical and emotional trauma in their life.  They embrace the non-traditional and most challenging cases.  They offer a comprehensive array of services including community mental health services, education and training, family support services, and residential/respite care for at-risk families and children who need us most, and in many cases, have no where else to turn.  And for those children in their residential care homes, they instill that sense of family by caring for them like they are one of their own children.

Saint Louis Closet Co. and Children’s Home Society believe every child deserves BETTER no matter what their situation.  A BETTER foundation, a BETTER life, and a BETTER future.  And we know we have to be BETTER because our kids DESERVE it.  To help build a better future for children, please visit us to sign up for our curb-side pick-up of your donated items, visit http://www.chsmo.org/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi.

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St. Louis Closet Co. Spring Special

Saint Louis Closet Co. Spring Special – 15% off all regular priced custom closets!!  Call now 314-781-9000 to take advantage of this awesome special!!


Spring is the best time to clean out your closets and your spaces that have piled up over the Winter!!  Start with your coat closet, pull out everything, gloves, scarves, hats, coats, etc. and have everyone try on everything.  You’ll be surprised how many coats don’t fit, how many missing gloves you have, or even an out-dated scarf from grandma no one wears!!  Donate these clothes, throw away the ripped and worn items, discard the ‘one lonely glove’ and get started with a new St. Louis Closet.

Adjustable shelves, adjustable hanging rods, baskets and drawers can all spruce up that closet.  Call 314-781-9000 today to schedule your appointment or visit our showroom at 2626 S. Big Bend.

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Get Organized in Style with St. Louis Closet

CUSTOM-DESIGNED SPACES TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS While there may be countless “one-size-fits-all” organizational options available at retail stores, nothing can beat a closet system that is built to your space’s specifications with only your needs in mind.


The systems made by Saint Louis Closet Co. do not include any pre-made parts, sizes, or components, and they are completely adjustable, meaning your closet can change as your needs do. The company’s designers will meet with you, analyze your needs, measure, and design the perfect customized closet and organizational system for you.

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING/ EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE Gone are the days of scarves and shoes strewn about your closet space or loosely contained in store-bought plastic bins. The beauty of custom-designed closet spaces is that there’s an attractive storage solution for all of your items. A list of seemingly endless custom options are available at Saint Louis Closet Co. to ensure your new closet system is both functional and beautiful, both space-saving and eye-catching.

Some of the customizable options available include pant racks, shoe shelves, glass door and drawer fronts, basket liners, jewelry drawers with divider inserts, belt and tie racks, and scarf racks. Many of these options can be added during the original installation or even years later. The systems are fully adjustable to change with your needs.

BEYOND THE CLOSET Don’t let the name fool you—Saint Louis Closet Co. is much more than custom closet systems; the company also specializes in pantries, home offices, Murphy beds, laundry rooms, mudrooms, linen closets, coat closets, lockers, craft centers, garages, and more. Imagine the ease of cooking when your pantry contains neatly stocked spice racks, pull-out drawers, and basket-rim shelves. Or imagine how much more you’ll want to do that pile of laundry when everything is accessible, from fold-down ironing boards and tilt-out laundry hampers to telescoping rods and wardrobe rails for drying and ironing.

Call us today at 314-781-9000 for a free estimate or visit or website at www.stlouisclosetco.com.

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