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A Closet That Grows With Your Child and Goes Beyond Storage

Kids grow like weeds, so you want to make sure that their closets are able to grow with them.  The great thing about having a Saint Louis Closet Co. closet is that our systems are 100% adjustable, so your closets actually grow as your kids do.

This means that as the seasons change or kids buy more jackets or shoes, you can adjust the shelves to fit those needs. Triple hanging space is just that: three times more hanging space than a traditional closet, which is a must for toddlers and children.

Jennifer Williams, President of Saint Louis Closet Co., says, “I have two growing children of my own, and you have no idea how great it is to not have to smash and force clothes into drawers because you’re out of space.”

And Saint Louis Closet Co. is so much more than just closets.  We also organize the rest of your children’s lives with playrooms, mudrooms, lockers and craft centers.  Drawers, baskets and hanging rods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to available options.

Having a bit more organization in your home makes a huge difference when it comes to getting your kids out the door in the morning.  Having a mudroom in place with a locker and cubbies for each child is a fantastic way to keep all of their school supplies, backpacks, shoes and sports bags together in one place and easily accessible.

Get your kids organized for summer! Call Saint Louis Closet Co. today (314) 781-9000 for your free in-home estimate!

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Laundry Rooms & Outdoors Too!

Laundry Room – Your days fighting with your ironing board while trying to fetch it from a cluttered corner are over, along with trying to find a space for fold towels or hang clothes.  Saint Louis Closet Co. will work with you to create a laundry room that is as convenient, and user-friendly, as possible.  We have lots of options and accessories that will help cut down on your time spent doing laundry:

      • Tilt-Out Laundry Hampers           • Drawers

      • Fold-Out Ironing Boards              • Hooks                            

      • Telescoping Rods                         • Baskets

Gardening CenterMost people spend a majority of their gardening time trying to find their tools, which are usually crammed away in a dark corner of their homes. Saint Louis Closet Co. has options to help cut down on the preparation time and increasing your productivity.  Wilsonart countertops, shelves, baskets, and hooks come in very handy for all of your potting needs. Our designers can customize an area that will make gardening easy this season, so call us today to schedule your free estimate!

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