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Fall 2011 Newsletter

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Fall 2011 Newsletter

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10 Home Office Organizational Tips

1. Organize papers in filing racks outfitted with folders.
2. File reading materials in labeled magazine holders.
3. Place stationary in cubbies and corral smaller items by function in labeled boxes.
4. Stow project-specific craft supplies in a lunch box.
5. Hang frequently used tools such as rules or scissors by hooks.
6. Stack colorful file and document boxes on a low shelf below your work surface.
7. Transport important papers in a handled file bin.
8. Include a coffeemaker and mugs on a nearby shelf so that hot beverages are always in reach!
9. Insert a drawer divider to sort fasteners.
10. File a drawer with containers of snacks. Label lids with dry-erase markers on vinyl-coated paper.

Source: Storage Magazine (Summer 2011)

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