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From New York to California, Top Three Closet Spaces to Organize



Of course the most popular area to customize is the master bedroom!  Options include shoe shelves and hanging space, pants racks and telescoping rods. A completely customized master closet will make sure everyone has exactly what they need!



A surprise second place is found in the kitchen! Saint Louis Closet Co. has everything from racks (spice, canned good and wine) to shelves (sliding, corner and vertical)!  You will have a place for everything in your pantry with a design from SLCC!



Murphy Beds have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years with the new loft developments in downtown St. Louis.  Another reason is that Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age and Murphy Beds are a great option for guest rooms to accommodate visiting family.


#4: Home Offices

#5: Mudrooms

#6: Craft Centers

These are just a few of the most popular spaces to organize, but we specialize in so much more than just what you see here.  Saint Louis Closet Co. offers mudrooms, lockers, entertainment centers, playrooms, garages, gardening stations and much, much more.  Each of our systems is 100% adjustable and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident that your closet will be exactly what you want and need it to be for as long as you own your home.  Call us at (314) 781-9000 to schedule your free-in home estimate!

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This Decade’s Biggest Trend in Home Organization

Question: What is the biggest trend right now in home organization? If you said master bedroom, you’re wrong: it’s Murphy beds!  Surprised? Don’t be! This “retro” product is making a comeback in a BIG way!

Murphy beds have been around since 1900 when William Lawrence Murphy opened the Original Murphy Bed Company with the goal of creating a room that could double as a bedroom—very handy in the space-strapped apartments in San Francisco, where the business was founded. From there, Murphy beds exploded in popularity, popping up everywhere from apartments and homes to hotels and colleges.  The trend slowed down during the middle part of the 1900s, but since the 2000s hit, it has been making a steady resurgence.

Here are a few reasons this trend is coming back in full force in 2010:

Reason #1 : BUDGET. Probably the most obvious reason, people don’t have the same big budgets they had ten years ago. Renovating by adding an additional room just isn’t an option. Homeowners are quickly realizing that Murphy beds are the easiest and most cost-efficient option for giving a room multiple uses.

Reason #2 : CITY LIVING. More and more professionals are moving to big cities and smaller spaces. With the city loft developments, people need to utilize every inch of space in their living quarters. Murphy beds allow people to have their bed without having to give up the floor space for it.

Reason #3 : BABY BOOMERS. As baby boomers reach their retirement years, they are installing Murphy beds in their spare bedrooms for visiting family members. A Murphy bed turns what used to be a bedroom into a home office, entertainment room or craft area that happens to also have a bed for guests.

One thing that many people are concerned about when it comes to purchasing a Murphy bed is the mattress.  Many companies require that you purchase the mattress yourself, but ensuring the proper fit can become a guessing game.  That is why every Murphy bed that Saint Louis Closet Co. installs comes with either a Twin- or Queen-size mattress!

Another benefit of Murphy beds is that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb.  Saint Louis Closet Co. specializes in creating elegant yet functional Murphy beds that can be customized even further by installing matching shelving or even a desk.  This way, these rooms have the most efficient use of space possible, which is something everyone needs, no matter the size of their home or room.

Call Saint Louis Closet Co. at (314) 781-9000 for more information about how you can get a Murphy bed in your own home!

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Trend for 2010: Murphy Beds!!!

With the popularity of downtown lofts on the rise and with Baby Boomers wanting extra space in their home for visitors, Murphy beds are all the rage right now!  For more information, give us a call today at (314) 781-9000 or stop by our Maplewood showroom, just north of Manchester Rd. on Big Bend.

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Think Outside the Closet

There is more to getting organized than just updating your bedroom closets: your entire home can be optimized to meet your family’s organizational needs.

Saint Louis Closet Co. can organize everything including entertainment centers, bookshelves, kids’ playrooms, laundry rooms, garages, gardening stations, linen closets, Murphy beds and pantries.  If it needs to be organized, we can do it.

“The key to getting organized is to decide first what areas in your home are the most used, and the first to get disorganized after cleaning,” says Saint Louis Closet Co. owner Jennifer Williams.  “You’d be amazed how just by adding a few shelves or baskets in your common living spaces can make all the difference in your home’s organization.”

Saint Louis Closet Co. offers free in-home estimates, so call us today at (314) 781-9000 to schedule your appointment with one of our designers!

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Murphy Beds from SLCC


If you would like to open up one of your spare rooms or guest bedrooms, consider one of our new custom designed Murphy beds.  They are available in comfy queen size and are offered in all of our finishes.  Perfect for extra rooms, lofts, basements and any space that you would like to maximize every square food.  By adding side credenzas, extra hanging space or even a home office, a Murphy bed is the perfect solution for all your space-saving needs. Call us today to get your free in-home estimate at (314) 781-9000.

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