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Rain Boots and Rain Coats Need a Home TOO!!

Saint Louis Closet Co. likes to find a Place for Everything in your home…including Rain Boots and Rain Coats!!  Now that we’re heading into the rainy, cold season it’s time to break out all your rain gear and soon winter coats.


Every home functions better when everyone can find their stuff!!  Organized Mud Rooms and Lockers for each member of your family can save time and stress in the morning.  Places for rain boots, baskets and cubbies for gloves and hats, and locker hooks can not only save time looking for stuff but clean up your home.  No more boots all over the kitchen and coats laying on the counters.

Kids especially love using a locker at home.  They are used to the concept from school and it gives them the responsibility of knowing where their stuff goes and where they can find things!!

Call 314-781-9000 for a free in-home Locker and Mud Room estimate.  Saint Louis Closet Co. can find a Place for everything in your home!!!

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Need Extra Help Organizing?

REBECCA STISSER is a personal organizer specializing in REdesign and REorganization…so if you need extra help de-cluttering your home and organizing your things, she can help!
Organization and decorating go hand in hand. It’s as simple as that. When you are organized, it is easier to design the space and feel you want for your life.Design is a personal journey. It’s about your life experiences and who you are. Your home should tell a story, one that you are proud of and excited to share with others. Designing, organizing, and decorating start from the inside out. The goal is not just to give your home a certain type of “look”…but to make it more cohesive by organizing your space from the INSIDE out. A decorative “look” is the finishing touch on a well organized, clutter-free home.
Living in an organized, clutter-free space is possible. The gift of living this way is good for you and your family both emotionally and physically. If you are like most people, this may seem overwhelming and impossible. I promise you it is NOT! I look forward to helping you and your family create a living space that is comfortable and organized. You deserve it.
Contact Rebecca at (314) 504-7122 or by e-mail at rstisser@me.com. Make sure to visit her website at www.rebeccastisser.com.
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