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Men Love Organization Too!

Tie Butlers

Don’t forget Dad on Father’s Day this year!  Men love organization too!  Whether it’s a new tie rack or a slide-out rack for his slacks, Dad will love the thought of an organized closet. Check out some organization tips from Esquire magazine.

For suits: Suit jackets spend much of their lives in the closet. And the best way to maintain their structure and shape is with hangers that mimic the slope and width of your own shoulders. To prevent any wrinkling, hang your suits, shirts, and trousers with some room between them.

For shirts: Even your shirt needs solid support to reduce stress on the seams, and it won’t get that from those paltry white wire hangers you get from the dry cleaner. Invest in a handful of sturdy wooden hangers and you and your shirts will look much better much longer.

For pants: A good trouser hanger maintains a sharp crease and causes as few wrinkles as possible at the fold. A felt-lined clamp hanger, or a felt-lined trouser bar accomplishes both.


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Ask The Owner: Jennifer Williams


There are so many misconceptions that we hear every day when it comes to custom closets. I wanted to take a few moments to debunk just a few of the most popular…

MYTH:  My closets are too small to be customized.

TRUTH: Actually, small closets are the ones that need custom organization the most.  You have the everyday challenge of  maximizing your space and we specialize in doing just that.  We can add a few simple shelves and hanging rods that will give you space you never knew you had.  You will be amazed at just what we are able to do for you!

MYTH:  Custom closets are just too expensive.

TRUTH: This is one we hear every day, but it is just not true.  Custom closets are absolutely affordable, no matter what your budget may be.  We can organize a small reach-in closet for as little as $250!  An investment in your closet saves you time and keeps your clothing and shoes in good condition.

MYTH:  A Murphy Bed would take up too much space.

TRUTH: The entire queen-size Murphy Bed system is only 65.5” wide and 16” deep, and you only need 91” of floor space when you open it.  It will also allow you to use your room for other purposes such as an office, family room or study. Murphy Beds are also available in twin-size.

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