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Does Your Closet Look Like This?

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Did You Know??

Organizing your home isn’t as daunting as you may think it is, and it can help your community too. Here are some helpful tips to get you going!

Bedroom Closets – Donate anything you haven’t worn in the last year to Goodwill or other local charities.

Bookcases – Donate any books and magazines you don’t read or your kids are too old for to charities like headstarts and your local library.

Kitchen – Go through your cabinets one at a time. Donate extra or unused food and canned goods to local food pantries.

Linen Closet – Donate semi-worn or unnecessary towels and washclothes. Animal shelters are always in need of towels, for cleaning and maintaining their animals and facilities.

A Place for Everything – Now that you have an organized home, the next step is keeping it that way. After you use something, make sure to return it to its proper location. Taking an extra 20 seconds to put things away saves you from having to spend another weekend gutting your home.

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